Monday, April 16, 2007

Making a Virtual Friend a Real Friend

Since I started blogging last year, a whole new world has opened up to me. I've "met" a whole circle of friends that live their lives as I do, and wish to do.
We're looking for more out of life than just what is popular. We're living for our Lord and our families. We enjoy making our homes pleasant, welcoming places that are sources of refuge for friends and families. As we share our stories and pictures, we are encouraging one another in our walks through life with Jesus, as well as how our lives with husbands and children, if we have them.
We are each in a different place. As I "visit" my friends' homes I find something unique at each stop. From Anna, a way of life that is full, but beautiful; from Kelli, a way to incorporate teaching and living with children in all things; from the other Kelli, a home filled with joy and children and great craft ideas; from Brenda, living a life of peace amongst difficulties in finances and health issues. Dawn shares her unlimited creativity; Linda reminds us with each post to give all glory to God as she includes a verse with each post. She also shares her beautiful roses and children with us. Jodi takes time to share important truths from the Bible with stirring images; Susan truly enjoys being at home and making it a wonderful place.
There are others of you that visit here and whose sites I visit regularly. Were I to post about each one, I'd never get this done before Pumpkin wakes up. Please don't feel slighted if I've not singled yours out. You're wonderful.
Recently, I had the pleasure of making a new friend on-line. I found Joanne's blog while searching for the author of a quote on reading. What fun! I laughed as I perused her blog at how many things we had in common. I even bought her book, Living Simply: Choosing Less in a World of More. I read it all in two days and am rereading it to take notes in my journal.
Imagine my joy at finding out she actually lives here in the Denver area. We left comments on each others' sites and emailed back and forth a few times.
Today we met for the first time. We live on opposite ends of the city and so we met downtown for lunch. I had so much fun! We discovered how our lives have crossed paths, though we've never met. She goes to church at the same church I used to go to when I lived on the southern end of the city, we even have mutual acquaintances from both here in Denver and from Los Angeles. What are the odds of that?
She is a delightful person. I so hope that we can get together again, and soon! (I think I'll try to drop Pumpkin off at Grandma's first, as he did not enjoy sitting and visiting as much as we did.) We both want to live life with purpose, but also with taking the time to develop relationships with those around us. I could have sat and visited for hours without running out of things to say. Even as I sit here, I am thinking of a thousand other things I would have liked to talk about with her! I think I found a kindred spirit. Of course, how could I not enjoy someone who quotes Anne Shirley in her book?
Gotta go! I hear Pumpkin. Thanks, Joanne, for a lovely afternoon!

Painting by Mary Cassat.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I believe the blogging (when used properly) is a huge blessing from God. It truly lets us know there are other women of all ages who are likeminded.

By the way, I'm coveting your teacups. :)

Jodi said...

Isn't it wonderful and amazing how God orders our footsteps and brings such blessings as this when two paths cross on their journey!! I know how you have longed for a friend in person, Kimberly, I am so happy you discovered a treasure in your own back yard! Hugs and Blessings to you both! :o)

Trina said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now, and wanted to let you know that I enjoy it. Thank you for the links to some of your faorites I love to read/make new friends.

Kelli said...

How wonderful, Kimberly! I know this is such a blessing to you and meeting a kindred spirit is an answer to prayer!! It sounds like you had a lovely lunch together!!


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