Thursday, February 15, 2007

Silver Tea Pots

Since Joanna and I have been discussing this on the cbox I thought I'd post some pictures of one of my silver set. This is a Pairpoint teapot and tea caddy/biscuit holder. (I've seen these listed both ways.)
I was given the teapot for doing the food for a friend's wedding. She'd asked another friend to pick a gift for me that she thought I'd like. This is what Gwen found. Apparently, due to the cost it became a dear gift from both friends. The caddy appeared months later as a Christmas gift from my father. Gwen had seen it when she bought the teapot and had called him to see if he'd like her to get the caddy as well. I'm so glad they did!
The engraving is incredible right down to the "G" monogram, which happens to be the first letter of both my maiden and married names. These are two of my special treasures. In fact, I filled them with flowers and had them on the cake table at my wedding.
However, there is one problem. Like all silver, they tarnish. A lot! I'd put them away for awhile because they so desperately needed polishing and I wasn't getting around to it. I bought some Weiman Royal Silver Polish the other evening and disposable gloves at Target. I chose the Weiman brand because it was not filled with harsh chemicals.
Yesterday, I put on the gloves, grabbed a bunch of rags and got to work. This was by far the best polish I've used as far a harshness and smell. (There is always a bit of a sulfur smell from the tarnish itself.) It wasn't bad at all.
It didn't take too long and the results were definitely worth it. I now have the set displayed on my tea cart, but will move it to the bookcase once some books are out of the way.
Photographing silver is never easy as it reflects everything, especially the flash. Pardon the not-so-great pictures. Now Joanna, it's your turn! (I'd had some other pictures that should some of the teapot designs better, but alas, Blogger isn't playing nice.)




Anonymous said...

I promise to try and upload some pictures. I've just never tried it before. Hubby will have to help me-he's the computer geek around here.

Jodi said...

Lovely. I have some silver items that need polishing *sigh*. I'll get to it sometime!

Trina said...

Your silver tea pots are so unique! I have a question for you. I recently bought an old silver tea service set and the inside of the tea and coffee pots has a lime-like deposit left in it. What do you clean the inside with? I didn't think silver polish would taste so good. Blessings,


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