Friday, February 09, 2007

Canister/Biscuit Jar

I love this Sandy Lynam Clough canister. I usually keep special tea biscuits/cookies in it. Each side is different. The four sides read Faith, Hope, Love, and Joy. This is a part of her "Blessings Among the Roses" set. There are four teacups that match as well as a teapot, creamer, sugar and dessert plate.
Alas, all I have at this point is the canister. It would be too costly to get the entire set. Of course, I just remembered I still have credit at the shop from the last job I did there. Hmmm...
Now, this is interesting. I was going to add a link to her site, and so I clicked on through and discovered she is now selling some of her designs through for the best prices I've ever seen. Wow. Maybe I could collect a few more pieces after all. Of course, I don't need any more teacups. Really. I'll keep telling myself that!


Betty Jo said...

Another tea lover! You have a terrific blog and I love those canisters. Thanks for the links. This is my first visit and I've enjoyed myself.

Jodi said...

Kimberly -

Very pretty and thank you for the links! I've already taken a peak; I'm going to spend some time browsing more later! :oD


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