Wednesday, December 27, 2006

1,000 Gifts

I've seen the button for this on a few sites and decided to join in. I desire to maintain an "attitude of gratitude" in this new year. I am blessed beyond measure and what to give God the glory for His many gifts. These will be in no particular order, but listed as they come to mind.
1. Christmas~Christ's birth.
2. Sweetheart.
3. Pumpkin.
4. Our new little blessing; a gift to be "opened" the end of August/early Spetember.
5. My family.
6. A beautiful cup of Earl Grey Tea.
7. Music.
8. The sound of Pumpkin's laugh.
9. Abner the Airedale who is lying at my feet.
10. Slippers.
11. Dresses.
12. Aprons.
13. Electricity.
14. Heat.
15. My "Perseverance Tree" located outside Buena Vista, Colorado that I got to see again on the drive to Durango the other day. (It's an enormous tree that appears to have been felled by lightning, but continues to flourish.)
16. Flowers.
17. Sunsets.
18. Books
19. The Internet. Really.
20. Seeing Sweetheart sitting across the desk from me.
to be continued...

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Julieann said...

Your list is looking good:)



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