Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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As I sit to write for a few quiet moments, my heart and mind are racing. It's so easy to let the fear in and cause the racing heart. It's so hard to quiet my thoughts and calm my racing mind.
Time in the Word helps, but I find I want to talk through it all. I pray, and wish I could hear Him speak. I sit and fidgit. I am so like a child, impatient, not understanding the, "Why?" of it all. Asking, "Why?", but no one answers.
He is there. I know it. His faithfulness and His Word prove it. How I long sometimes though, to know it with my senses, not just my mind. To feel His arms wrapped around me when I cry. To feel His nail-scarred hands gently wipe away my tears. To hear His say, "Shh, my child. It's ok. I am here." To hear His laughter. To see His smile.
How I love for Heaven!
Lord, I pray that I will be a vessel of Your love. That my hands, my smile, my friendship, may give a much needed touch of Your love and grace to another pilgrim toiling along the path to Heaven. Help me to live each day to be a blessing to those around me, those You place in my path.

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Anonymous said...

I can so relate to this post. I've been praying for the past few days for 6 specific miracles that we need to happen in my family-some sooner than others. I've been finding myself wishing that God was more "tangible"-that I could reach out and touch Him, that I could hear Him me....
Faith can often be SO SO hard. Especially during times of trial and suffering. :(


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