Sunday, November 05, 2006


I have saved all of my "Victoria" magazines. I have almost all of them, including the first issue, up until the new editor took over. After that, they weren't as interesting to me personally. Now I keep them by months in magazine holders in the basement. When I'm bored, I'll grab the holder for the month we're in and read through the back issues.
I cannot image doing this with another other magazine out there! Most magazines I keep for about two months, cut out what I want to keep, and toss the rest. But not my "Victorias". I wish it had never changed.
I loved that it celebrated joy and beauty. I loved that the models looked human and womanly, not like stick figures! (That was one of the the things that changed those last two years and that made me not as interested in the magazine.) I loved that it encouraged us as women to follow our dreams and discover our bliss, not to be stuffed into a cookie-cutter image of what most magazines thought women should be like. I loved the wonderful articles and outstanding photography. So far, the only magazine that has come close to "Victoria" for me was "Lily", and sadly, it never published a second issue.
I miss "Victoria". I wish it would come back. Sigh. Guess I'll go look through the November 199whatever issue...


Kelli said...

I can't believe we do the same thing!!! I discovered "Victoria" a few years ago when I happened to see a copy at the used book store. I have at least 30 issues now and just love them!! I like the older ones better too. So wonderful to look through each month.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I had about a years worth of old Victoria magazines, and (like a fool), about 2 years ago in a moment of insanity, cut the recipes out and tossed them! I miss them so much!, I've looked for them at any type of second hand store, but so far no luck. Sigh. The things we do when preganant. Maybe I'll look for some at the flea market today.

Kelley said...

Oh I loved that was wonderful and I miss it too!

Kelley said...

Oh I loved that magazine and miss it too!
It was wonderful!
I wish that they would bring it back!

Anonymous said...

Me too-how funny. I have a few issues from the 90's around somewhere. (I got rid of most of them-what was I thinking?!!)
I've been wondering about this magazine lately. Maybe it's something in the fall air? I was very disappointed when it was no longer being published. All of a sudden it was gone-no warning. Maybe it had something to do with the new woman who took over?
Maybe if enough of us wrote to Hearst Pub. they would consider starting it up again. The only magazine that even begins to come close is Southern Lady but it doesn't come near close enough-there is nothing out there like Victoria. It's amazing that someone doesn't notice the opportunity to fill that void.
I'm sighing with all of you....

Shelley Jo said...

I held onto all my Victoria's as well until about 3 years ago when we moved into a smaller home. I did save some of my favorite ones, but got rid of the rest. I loved that magazine dearly. It was filled with such lovely, beautiful things.

Shelley Jo said...

Romantic Home was good, too. I thought they'd stopped publishing it, but I saw a copy the other day at Sam's.

My favorite issues of Victoria was the February ones. Such pretty Valentine stuff!


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