Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blogger Issues

I am having trouble getting Blogger to post pictures. It says they are uploaded, but nothing appears...
Alas, we'll try again tomorrow. I've tried posting from jpegs and urls to no avail. I've also tried from several computers. Any suggestions? Please comment.

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Jodi said...

Hi Kimberly -

I often have trouble with Blogger uploading graphics, too. The only solution I've found is to upload into Photobucket ( instead. You can set up a free account and only have to pay if you decide to upgrade (I've not found that to be necessary -- yet ;oD).

In the past I've never had trouble with, but last week for some reason even allposters was giving me grief; the pictures were coming over as a red X. That seems to have cleared up. Maybe the problem was on their end and not mine *shrug* (I hope so). :o)

Another tip - Blogger tends to have "busy hours when the photo upload hardly ever works (middle of the day for me), so I've found that if I know I'm going to be (or am likely to be) posting about something (pictures of a craft, recipe or a graphic I know I'll use for a devotional, etc.), I wait until Blogger is not busy (for my location that's late night and early mornings), then I load several pictures into a "draft" document that I never publish. When I want the picture I open the "draft," copy, save as "draft" (again), creat new post, and paste. Convoluted -- yes -- but it works! {It's basically the same method for getting an address for pictures to paste into the sidebar template.}

Hope this helps! :o)


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