Sunday, January 13, 2013

Enjoying Life

 I was blessed with an Amazon gift card from my Dad for Christmas.  I ordered about a dozen books, mostly used and one CD.  The books have been trickling in over the last week with two still awaiting delivery.  It's like a month long celebration!  Thanks, Dad.

I picked all sorts of books I've wanted to own for years and a few based on other bloggers recommendations.  The CD is David Nevue's Awakenings.  It's playing in the background as I type.  It's just perfect.  I discovered his music the way many of you have via Ann's blog.  There have been many days where I've kept her blog open in a window and just listened to the songs repeat.

I have a high tolerance for repetition on instrumental CDs.  This does not translate to music with lyrics.  Once is more than enough for me.  (Sorry, Sweetheart.)  In fact, I only seem to put on music with words when it is requested.  Maybe it is because there are so many constant voices around me, plus all the conversations playing in my head, that the addition of another voice just about tips me over the edge.

I picked several old books published by the original Victoria Magazine folks to add to my collection, as well as two I realized are from former contributors to Victoria.  I also picked a few Tasha Tudor books I did not have.  I am so enjoying reading these.  I seem to look through them all first just to see the pictures and avoid the words.  Then I can go back slowly through them reading just a bit at a time.

Several are gardening books which are quite inspiring and fun as my garden is currently buried.  I think that makes them more fun because as much as I can think, "I'd like to do that."  I am spared the actual work at the moment.

It wouldn't be as relaxing with the thought that I'd better go grab a shovel and get digging.  Digging the truck out the other day to get to the store was enough for me, and Sweetheart had done all the hard shoveling.

I've become a wimp this last month or so.  I find I'd rather just drink tea and read.  I seem to always have cup of something warm in reach, if only to warm up my hands!   I've done plenty of work inside, I'm sure, but don't seem to be quite as productive as usual.  Maybe it's just the cold and grey days.  I keep the twinkle lights on on the mantel and light the candles just to enjoy the gentle flickering.

Several of the other books I bought are about creativity, beauty and Christ.  Some combine all three subjects in one, others focus more on just one area.  I am reading parts of them all which is a bit ridiculous I want to absorb everything at once.  (Maybe it's because I know that soon I'll have to kick it back in gear and get to work.)

There is so much so good in it all and I hope to share with you all what I am learning, but since I haven't finished a single book yet, it'll probably trickle out over the next few months. Maybe some book reviews will even happen. 

I'd love to be one of those bloggers the publishers send free books to to review.  Now, there's a dream job! While I'm at it maybe I can find some tea companies who want to send tea for me to review as well.  :)

Sweetheart thought it funny that I ordered so many books and all were non-fiction.  Usually, I prefer fiction and he the non-fiction.  For my fiction fix, I'm reading "Great Expectations" again.  I know, even I questioned my sanity when I picked it up, but I haven't been able to put it down for long.  I've read it before and up until now it has been one of my least favorite stories of Dickens.  I probably should just try to finish reading all the ones I'm not done with before I start rereading them.  Well, to that end, I am also reading his "Sketches" which I've not read before, but still. 

Well, my tea cup is empty.  I think I shall refill it and grab my book to see what Pip will do with Magwitch next.  The window seat in the dining room is calling me.  I'll have the sunshine on my back.  Sweetheart is in my chair by the fire reading to the boys, or I'd be there.  Enjoy your day.


BaileyZimmerman said...

Books, books, books...amazing fun!!!

Bonnie said...

I am SO the same way with music most of the time, B. can't understand why I never turn the radio on when I go somewhere. Because it's *QUIET* and that's not something I get very often!
I've lost my taste for fiction, and find that outside of whatever I'm reading to the kidlets ALL I read (in the rare moments here and there) is non-fiction: gardening, homeschooling, decorating, cookbooks. We have the complete (I think) Dickens collection in B.'s inherited secretary, and I keep telling myself I'll read them someday. A friend and I watched Great Expectations once and to keep from throwing ourselves off a bridge out of depression when it was over, ran out and rented The Seven Year Itch so we could laugh again.
And lastly-not so productive hmm? Just want to sit and read and drink tea?


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your books and yes, I have been known to read parts of a few books at once. Sometimes I get frustrated with my finite-ness when it comes to reading.

I almost always read fiction before I had kids and really didn't get back to reading much fiction again until Christopher was older.

There was always so much to learn it seemed and I tend to pick up and reread sections of my nonfiction books quite often.

Take full advantage of the winter lull, especially since there is no one moo-ing out there, anymore. ;)

Anonymous said...

my 9th grade daughter is having to go through Great Expectations with her english class and was totally lost until i got her a copy for young children, lol. that has greatly helped her. now if only that will help to translate into a good grade for english. :)
joanna, who refuses to read Dickens :)


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