Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bundle Up

The distortion in the picture is the warping of the window.  90+ year old glass does that.
Glad I don't have to hang out the laundry today.

Can I just repeat again how happy I am not to have to go outside and milk something?

Although I do need to go to town today, I think.  I haven't been in over a week.  We're down to carrots and old cabbage for veggies, no eggs (20 chicken & NO EGGS grr!)  and I  need to bake bread for the family.  As I have become a veggie eating machine since dropping the grains, the situation is approaching desperate.  I don't know.  If Sweetheart is still planning on going to the big city tomorrow, I may just wait.  And make coleslaw, I guess.  ;)
I also need to hit the post office and mail off stuff I've had sitting here for over a week.  (Sorry Amy!)  Guess I should have done all this yesterday before it snowed.  :)
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Bonnie said...

I personally *like* distorted glass. Oh the character! Part of my "live in an old house dream" is coming true here: As our house approaches 20 years old, the draftiness is truly amazing. I can feel a breeze blow my hair while washing the dishes.

Bundle up tight, and dang-it chickens, LAY! (My in-laws bring us eggs from their neighbors, and they've quit laying for the winter too. Store bought eggs= : P )

loralie said...

I'm in the same boat with my chickens. I'm averaging about 1 per day, so I ration them.
I must say, I do not miss the snow. We moved out of snow country 5 years ago.
Enjoy your "inside" day.

Susan said...

Love the pictures! Beautiful!


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