Friday, September 23, 2011

Farmgirl Friday

Huckleberry Muffins

Mooove over goats!  We are upgrading to a cow.  Bella and Eve have found a new home.  The jersey cow we've been working on buying calved last week.  She had a not-so-little boy.  I was even more grateful that he was born at their place and not ours.  We will find out for sure today when we will pick them up.  At this point we are planning for tomorrow.

Someone asked if I had cows growing up.  Hello.  I grew up in Phoenix.  We had dogs.  I don't think I even saw a cow close up until I was an adult.  I have lived in big cities almost all my life.  So, no, I don't really know what I am doing.

I have read a lot and the lady we are buying from is great at answering questions.  She also has an amazing gift for people in this area:  she'll tell you what you NEED to know without waiting to be asked.  Now, plenty of folks around here are happy to tell me all sorts of things I DON'T want to know, usually negative things about other people around here.  But most people don't seem to want to share helpful information, unless you specifically ask.  I think they believe in learning things the hard way.  (Hear that banging sound?  It's my head against the wall.)  Seriously people--help me out!!!  I quite regularly admit to being new to all of this.  I pray that when I am the old timer around here I will share a bit (!) more grace to the newcomers.

Anyway...back to the cows.  I am excited and honestly a bit scared.  I think that is wise.  I've never been responsible for any living thing this big.  The goats were our starter animals and we all survived that experience.  I milked twice a day, every still single day since we got them.  No break for almost six months is a good start, I think.  Sweetheart says he will help with milking her.  I hope so.  I know it will usually be my job, but it would be good to have an extra set of hands available.

The next step is to figure out what I will do with all the milk!  We will see how much we are getting and using and figure out what we have left to sell.  I have my butter churn, ice maker, and yogurt maker all on standby.  The cream separator is set up ready to crank.

All suggestions and advice is welcome at this point.  We are also thinking about names:  #902 just isn't a great name.  Still no name for the farm yet either.  We've been too busy to really decide.

Other other fronts, I have been rushing around trying to finish up some projects before the cows arrive.  Yes, it is a bit like waiting for a baby.  I have been working on preserving food and sewing.  I finished my kitchen curtains and hung the last part up last night at about midnight.

It was then that I discovered that I used the WRONG piece of fabric for the valance.  I had cut a foot wide piece from the fabric that I had intended to use.  However, when I picked up the beautiful fabric to sew it all together, I inadvertently grabbed the remnant piece which was two feet wide. Not paying attention, I sewed all the edges and other fabric pieces to it and attached it all the way I wanted it.  I was so proud of myself as sewing is a newish thing to me.  Pride comes before a fall.

Now, I have to decide what to do with it.  I can leave it as is, but the proportions are all wrong.  I can try to modify is and sort of foof and balloon it up.  Or I can rip apart all those little seams that for once are really straight and nicely done and start alllll over again.  Did I mention we are getting a cow tomorrow?  Ugh.

Which also means I have no more time to write!  Do leave a comment with cow wisdom, name suggestions and tips for what to do in 10 minutes for less with my curtains.  Much obliged.   -Kimberly

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BaileyZimmerman said...

Holy night....what a wild life!!

New cow's name? How about Niner...and Baby Niner?

YOU are fabulous...what a great can write girl!!!!!!!

Thumbs up to you.....!!

Candy C. said...

Love your cow story! :)
This probably isn't what you want to hear but you will really be happier in the long run if you take the curtain apart and re-do it. I know, I know, not a fun thing to do (I speak from experience!)
No suggestions on a name for the cow. Maybe you could get to know her a little and see if something suggests itself.

Treasures Evermore said...

Wow, you are on one wild ride...awesome!!!


Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Bossy was our old milk cow's name. She was the boss too. The other cows didn't mess with her. I'm afraid I was a bit young, so I don't have a lot of advice. I remember churning for butter. Good luck. It will be fun. There is a relationship that is formed. Give the old girl lots of love and grain.

Davene Grace said...

We don't have a cow, but we are fortunate enough to get milk straight from a farm. We love, love, LOVE raw milk. So good!!!

If she turns out to be gentle, I think Molly is a nice name for a cow. If I had a cow, however, I would probably name her Sookie. My grandparents were dairy farmers in Pennsylvania, and I believe that when they went to call the cows in, they called, "Sookie, sookie" in a sing-song way. Whether that was the name of a particular cow or just the call they used to gather the cows, I'm not sure. Childhood memories are fuzzy sometimes. :)

I know nothing about sewing so can't give you any advice there! :)

Rose said...

Gosh, now I have not seen the movie, so don't even know if I would like it...don't even remember anything about it but the first thinng I thought of calling her was Jersey Girl. I bet you are going to love her;

That being said, we had cows with the names:
Sally (I would probably name another this because I loved her)
Cherry Blossom,
And there are one or two others I cannot recall.


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