Thursday, July 14, 2011

Look What I Found This Morning!

Cherries! And lots of them.

Too bad they're up there.
That arching tree BEHIND the other trees and in the thorny thicket is the cherry tree.
That thicket is a pain.
These currants will be easier to harvest for sure.  We also discovered a huge currant bush out in the grove  covered with fruit.  Here's to hoping we can harvest them when they ripen before the birds do.
We also found another apple tree up the pasture fence.  We hadn't walked along there in a few weeks because the grasses were so tall in the pasture walks were no longer pleasant.

But we had the fields mowed and baled, or whatever you call making hay, last week so we can take our walks again.  A neighbor volunteered to haul the hay to the barn for us.  She was able to move half before her skidsteer broke.  Everything with a engine here on our property breaks.  It apparently doesn't even have to be ours!  The count so far:  the tractor-BIG problem, the mower, the other mower, the string trimmer, the rototiller, the chainsaw, more I am sure I am forgetting.  It's amazing we've gotten anything done.

Anyways, so yesterday it clouded over and looked and smelled like rain.  Sweetheart brought the rest of the bales from the pasture to the barn.  He hooked up the conveyor belt which looked like it wouldn't work, but surprisingly did.  I loaded the bales onto the conveyor and he stacked them in the loft.  5000 + lbs. later and we were done.

Another job done for the year!  And we're stocked up in hopes of a getting a cow soon.  Sadly, no takers on the goats yet.  They must have heard about them...

Until next time...
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Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I am so excited for you with the wild currants, apples, and cherries. I love berries! Your place sounds like so much fun, except for the engine malfunctions. My husband said we were true farmers when we had our first breakdown and had to run to town for parts:) I am happy for you. Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie said...

I'm having hay envy-how nutty am I? I always wanted to go help when my brothers got a summer job haying down the road, and my parents never let me. Good to plan ahead and stock up, plus you could sell it if necessary.

What a bummer that all engines conk out!
How about Jinxed Engine Farm?

Can the thicket be burned out (or does it get to dry in the summer out there)? Those cherries look beautiful, it would stink not to be able to get to them.
I'm always trying to figure out what berries we have growing up wild around our place, but I'm never sure enough to pick them. Frustrating, but better than making hallucinogenic jam :0)

BaileyZimmerman said...

KIm...what a dilemma...being able to see the fruit and not be able to get to it!!
Did your Mom help with the baling?

Well I guess you did the experiment for goats in our future! Unless we can find one that is vocally impaired!

loralie said...

Hay in the barn-what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing farmer girl! You don't even need Berry Patch Farms--you have your own fruit to pick! So fun.

Homesteading Chic said...

I hope you can find away to get to your cherries! That would be awesome. :) Good luck.


Jill Wellington said...

Kimberly...just love your photography. Those hay photos are great!


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