Thursday, March 03, 2011

Little Dorritt!

I just noticed that Little Dorritt is on sale on Amazon!!  It's only $21.99 instead of the usuall $49.98.  Yes, I have become an Amazon Affiliate, but that is NOT why I am posting this.  I am posting it simply because it is such a good movie.  The French Bad Guy character is not for kids, but the movie is sooo well done.  And because I have a total Dickens Addiction.  I read the book after hearing others rave about the movie and I must say that I loved the book and the movie.  (Ok, North and South is on sale, too.)  
And if you WANT to, you are welcome to shop via the Affiliate linky widget thingy.  I won't mind.  Hope this hasn't offended anyone.  These are just two of my favorite movies.  :)


Stephanie said...

LOVE this book and reading RIGHT now in fact (have been for the past two months!...)

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

I adored little Dorritt when it was on Masterpiece; the wonderful music is by the same composer that did Downton Abbey!


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