Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another (Few) Years of Dickens...

I laughed when I saw this post the other day. That was from 2007. I took a break from reading through my Charles Dickens collection. A two year break it turned out to be. I did read some of his Christmas Stories last year, but dove back in full force this summer. I have completed Dombey and Son and Little Dorritt and am currently three fourths of the way through Bleak House. As they average 1200 pages, it takes a bit more time and thought to read than say, the Mitford series I reread last month. I do read and nurse the baby at the same time when it works out.

Dombey & Son has been my least favorite so far. Not that it isn't wonderfully written. It is just a sadder story to me. I adored Little Dorritt and begged Sweetheart to get the movie when I finished. We both loved it. Do watch it if you can!

All this Dickens led to watching an old BBC version of Bleak House that we've had for years but hadn't seen. Now we own the new version as well. *ahem* Both are good, but the newer version is filmed in a more up to date fashion and very well done as well as being easier to follow with better audio. It is an amazing story. I will be a bit sad to finish reading it.

I think next I will venture off to The Curiosity Shop for a visit. By then it will probably be time to finish up the Christmas Stories. As my set of books is quite old and worn I sewed, a book cover that I can put on each book as I read them. I hope this will help them to last longer.

Though at over 135 years old, I think they've paid their dues, don't you? Maybe I'll get a picture of the cover I made taken and posted soon. As computer time varies wildly these days, we'll just have to see. I am keeping quite busy these days and loving it all. Well, except the crying. And I am a wee bit tired today. Therefore, I am going to sign off for now wishing you all the best. Maybe I can get a few more pages read...

What are you reading???? Do tell!


Anonymous said...

Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon. Loving it!

Anonymous said...

Lighting out for the territory : how Samuel Clemens headed West and became Mark Twain

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Last year when we visited Stephanie, she had taken Bleak House from the library and we all watched a little of it each day (except our last night there when Sally was staying there and we chatted).

We would miss the last showing so we HAD to order it through inter-library loan so hubby could watch it, even though it took WEEKS.

I'm thinking of getting him a copy for Christmas this year.

I'm enjoying The Country of the Pointed First by Sarah Orne Jewett. It is amazing to read about the lifestyles just a century ago in New England. One of the main characters is a woman who grows and gleans medicinal herbs.

Slow but very well worth the read (although if anyone can get through READING Bleak House, this would be quite easy). ;)

Give the baby and big brothers all a hug.

Storybook Woods said...

Well besides my book ;-p I am rereading pocket full of pinecones and Miss Read. I can never tire of Miss Read. Clarice


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