Friday, September 03, 2010

Prayer Updates

Wendy is home from surgery and the path reports are totally clear- all cancer is gone. She still has a long road to total recovery.

Bonnie's baby was turned this morning and they have induced labor. Just a matter of time. UPDATE: SHE HAS A BIG HEALTHY BOY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Please prayer for Eleanor Grace-they had a scare with her and had to return to the hospital.

And I am still pregnant. :) I did get a decent night sleep after three really rough nights so I am thankful and back to baking and freezing.


Davene said...

Yay for a good night's sleep!

I'm so grateful for how prayer can connect hearts: with each other and, most of all, to God. What a wonderful weapon we possess! Thanks for the reminder to use it in these situations.

Jodi said...

Oh, I'm so glad Bonnie had her baby and all is well. And what encouraging news about your friend Wendy.

Funny how those final nights of pregnancy get you into the swing of staying up all night. *sigh* Hope you get some more good nights in before baby gets here.


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