Monday, May 03, 2010

Still Here

Just popping in to say hi. I'm taking a break. We are all well here.

We've spent the weekend weeding through things and packing. The plan is to load up *most* of the household things to storage this weekend. We'll live with just the bare minimum for the last week and only stuff Sweetheart can move himself. Basically we'll be down to some clothes, dishes, mattresses and toys. Should be interesting.

That will leave him the last week to load up all the rest of his shop stuff and the outdoor stuff. It's a lot. He has sold a lot and will hopefully pare down more, but that is out of my hands.

We still are waiting to hear back from FHA about our offer on the little farm. My prayer is that we will hear an answer this week. Everything else has happened faster than anyone could imagine, so we'll see. Even if they accept the offer, we still need to do inspections and if all that is fine, work towards closing.

Still unsure where we will be after the 14th. If the offer on the farm isn't accepted, we will most likely look for a more normal rental situation and keep on looking for something permanent. If it is accepted, we will just find someplace(s) to sleep for a few weeks.

Being this flexible is not my strong suit. At all. Just being honest.

I've been going through tubs of stuff this morning. Lots from teaching that I want for homeschooling, books, treasures from childhood, books, craft and sewing supplies, books, pictures, books, and books. :) My thrift store pile is piling up pretty big and are the trash bags. The trip down memory lane isn't easy.

Well, I need to get back to it all. Prayer requests: an answer from FHA, safety for Sweetheart as he is moving a lot of heavy stuff, the guys who will help move stuff this weekend, the boys for adjusting to all the changes, me for any and everything you can think of. :)


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

You are continually in my prayers as I really do know what you are going through. Twice we had to put all of our "stuff" in storage while we waited to see exactly where God had for us to live.

Stephanie is finally moved and is in the process of getting unpacked. She learned an important lesson, always get your mover's estimates in writing.

They ended up charging about $700 more than she had been told. Otherwise, the move went smoothly.

Bonnie said...

Take it easy!

Vicki in UT said...

Good luck! We are waiting to hear if DH gets a job in another state, and the thought of moving everything scares me silly, so I feel your pain.

kimberly shaw said...

I am happy to pray for the final stages of your move, a place to stay and the closing of the farm to all go smoothly. May you look back on this adventure only to see God's hand in it all.
Hugs and blessings for all!


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