Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello Friends

We are on day three of no sunshine. This picture was obviously not taken this morning. On the up side, our home feels so cozy with the pumpkin spice candle burning. It really does cheer up the breakfast table.

I'm feeling a bit lost this morning as my plans changed. I was planning on having a friend over for the morning, but she had to cancel. I was going to fix us brunch with a ham quiche and a tomato with herb cream cheese tart.

Now that seems like a lot for just me. The boys are happily enjoying their toast with honey bear & yogurt with raspberries. They do like quiche though, too. It's become my default dinner when what I planned hasn't defrosted, or I've just run out of time.

Last evening found me outside covering up as much as I could in the garden and picking anything close to ripe. We're forecast for snow. The lows are listed as 34 degrees which is just too close to freezing for me. I'm hoping this will pass without a freeze and that the warm weather will kick back in. I've got a delicious pile of produce to work on today. One watermelon, a pile of pickling cucumbers-cause we need more pickles-our purple carrots, tomatoes both red and yellow, peas, zucchini and two okra pods. What do you do with two okra pods?

I have hundreds of tomatoes still out there too green to want to pick. The first of my yellow tomatoes were ripe and so I picked some of those. I was thinking they'd be beautiful layered with all the red tomatoes for a tart. Sprinkling a bit of chopped basil on top would be lovely as well. Hmm...maybe I'll make something up with them later today for dinner.

I had Bunco with my lady friends last night. It was fun. I won, so of course it was fun! Our group also does mini gifts for certain rolls and so I came home with money a some darling Autumn cookie cutters, as well as a ceramic coffee cup with lid and one of those things to keep from burning your hands. It looks like a Starbucks cup without the logo. The lid and sleeve thing are made from silicone.

The box says you can save the world by using this cup. Hah. There's only one way to save the world and a cup isn't it. It is however a nice fit. I'm not bothering with the lid and sleeve today, but those will be nice when I'm out. I've missed having a comfortable cup since I dropped my favorite one on the concrete a few months ago.

Maybe the boys and I'll will make some cookies this morning to test the new cookie cutters. I think we need to do something fun on this gloomy day. I'd never survive living in Seattle that's for sure. (Hi to Carrie in Seattle! I miss you!)

Well, the boys are done eating and it's time I start. Blessings to you all. Thanks for all your kind comments on the last post. The encouragement is so nice.

There are so many things on my heart and mind I want to write about, but I'm still trying to sort them all out. That's about impossible when the boys are up and about. I've been thinking a lot about friendships and mothering and life in general. Good things, but some of which leave more questions than answers.

Wishing you all a bit of sunshine no matter the weather!


Shan said...

Dearest Kimberly,

It is quite "winter-like" here in our neck of the woods also. We have put a fire in both woodstoves each evening and I too have been covering and moving plants to keep them protected. I hear that it is going to be back into the 70's by the weekend...crazy.

I love the cozy feeling of the house on cloudy days, but just like you, I need the sunshine after a few days or I get a little blue.

I think of you often and have even (attempted) to duplicate your delicious little chicken and herb sandwiches for our lunch...mine are not near as good.

Would you and the boys like to visit? I have Honey Hill back in order after the "big move" and would enjoy a cuppa with my kindred spirit. Just let me know.

Yours so truly,
Honey Hill Farm

Joyce in Midway said...

What to do with two okra? Slice them up in your chicken gumbo soup! How authentic is that?

I noticed on the weather channel that you did get a pretty heavy snowstorm. We are about 500 miles west of you and missed the snow but got the cold. We have been covering everything with tarps and blankets every night. It is a drag, but we are so grateful for the good garden we had this year that I really can't grumble at the Lord for a little frost.

This week I am going to try making some butternut squash and sage ravioli to freeze for quick meals. My friend who is Italian gave me her pasta recipe and encouraged me to make ravioli. She has 9 children and 12 grandchildren and never stop smiling. Kind of reminds me of you. We need lots of sunny people in our lives.

Thanks, Kimberly!


Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

It all sounds so wonderful & wholesome!


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