Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Dear!

We may have watched too many BBC movies. Dumpling and Pumpkin are playing with their Thomas the Train set on the living room floor. For those of you who don't know, each train and car has a name--Thomas, James, Percy, etc. One car is named Elizabeth. In our house however, it's not just Elizabeth. It's Elizabeth Gaskell.

No, I did not start this. Dumpling did. "I haf Elizabeth Gaskell on da track, Mama."

It's hilarious! Of course, the fact that I'm reading Wives and Daughters and the music from North and South is playing in the background probably doesn't help.

Now all we need is some of those Jane Austen action figures.


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!

Are there really Jane Austen action figures? I mean, does anything scream out "stocking stuffer" more than a Jane Austen action figure?? :)

Is Wives and Daughters better than North and South? The book, of course...I thought the N&S movie to be far superior to the book...I guess she was pressured to finish up North and South quickly...gotta do what the editor wants when it's Charles Dickens!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kim, you really need a little girl, lol!
I love my "girlie" movies. My girls are 10 and 11 but my teenage boys know the stories really well. I was talking to a friend of my oldest son's on facebook the other night, and she has never seen my precious movies-oh, the horror! No Elizabeth Bennett? Emma? Elinor? Molly? I couldn't bear the thought! Last night I sent 4 of them to her via my son when he went to youth group. Such an absence in one's life must be dealt with, right? lol....
I love W&D and N&S! I don't have the soundtracks though. Did you know there is one for Anne of Green Gables?
Have you seen Cranford? It's not as good as the above two, but is worth watching. I did enjoy it. Let me know what you think if you ever watch it. It's also by E. Gaskell.
One more thing-have you seen the most recent version of Northanger Abbey? It's good. Oh, and Miss Potter? Really good too!
Okay, I'll stop now, lol!

Jodi said...

LOL ~ too cute! And Jane Austen action figures? Amazing!

My children (meaning my younger boys and girls - my 19 y.o. son takes no part in it - lol.) love to act out Jane Austen books. I no longer even raise an eyebrow when I see my 5 or 7 y.o. boys with a scarf wound around their neck. (What gentleman worth his salt would be without a cravat?) Now, I only ask "who are you?" meaning Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth, or Mr. Knightley (their favorites!).

I think it's very funny when their cravat is a bandanna; I usually assume that meant their 10 y.o. sister lassoed them from playing cowboys into being an English gentleman. Flexibility is a good thing! ;o)

We only have Wives & Daughters. My gals and I enjoyed that very much. I say keep that Elizabeth Gaskell train running on the track! :o)

(By the way - all of my sons have loved and played with Thomas the Tank Engine. Great fun!)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Christopher was a huge Thomas fan. I get so nostalgic when I see them on TV.

Your post reminded me so much of when the grandkids said they were going into town and they meant Bath and not Boston, hehehe.

It's funny Steph thought of those Jane Austen figures as stocking stuffers. I was thinking she'd love them.

Did you see Stephanie posted the sticky pudding recipe today?

Anonymous said...

So cute! I just ordered the North and South DVD and Bleak House DVD. Amaz+n is having a sale on British movies and TV shows DVDs and the price was right. Can't wait for them to arrive!


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