Saturday, November 29, 2008

With A Grateful Heart

We spent our Thanksgiving with most of the family. I wish it could have been all, but I am thankful that we will all be together for Christmas this year. I am so excited as everyone is coming to our home then.

For Thanksgiving this week my mom, dad and stepmom all came over. My dad and stepmom live across the state, so it was nice that they took the time to drive up here to spend the holiday with us. I had most of the things that could be done in advance ready before they arrived on Wednesday.

We spent Thursday rather leisurely and doing the cooking and dish washing as it came along. (Mostly, I cooked and others washed.) Yesterday I spent a few hours shopping with my dad and stepmom while my mom watched the boys and Sweetheart worked. (Poor Sweetheart!)

I came home early and got things ready for Pumpkin's Happy Birthday. I had borrowed a truck-shaped cake pan to bake a cake for The Boy Who Loves All Things With Wheels. Yes. Um, as it cooked, it poured out over the edges of the pan all into the bottom of the oven.

I ended up cutting the cake into squares, putting pieces in little, individual pedestal bowls, putting frosting on each piece, then topping each one off with ice cream and whipped cream. Pumpkin got his served with star sprinkles and three candles on top.

Luckily, he never knew I was ever considering a truck-shaped cake for him and so he was thrilled with what he got. Everyone gathered together again for a dinner of turkey soup, cake and ice cream, opening presents and a movie. Pumpkin was thrilled with everything, including watching "Polar Express" while sitting between his Daddy and his sleeping Grandpa. A good time was had by all.

Happy Third Birthday, My Sweet Boy!

By the way, isn't the pumpkin-that's-not-a-boy in the pictures above the neatest pumpkin ever? It doesn't even look real. I don't know what kind it is, but I got it at the farm just before it closed for the season.

I'll be saving those seeds to plant next spring for sure!


Janna Widdifield said...

Happy Birthday! Love, Anne

Susan said...

What a big boy! Such a cutie-pie~

Angie said...

I'm glad about your "blurb" there at the end about the pumpkin (that's-not-a-boy... you're so cute!). I was going to ask if it was real, because it's so perfect and rustic looking. What a great pumpkin!!


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