Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Life is good. I good eight hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time in probably (?11?) months and awoke before anyone else. I peeked out the window to see a world lightly frosted with snow. It's so pretty. Even prettier to me as I don't have to try to drive in it. I love working from home.

Poor Sweetheart; he left early to allow for a longer commute, but called to say he was going to end up late as they've closed the highway a mile north of us. It must be a bad wreck as there is not enough snow to warrant closing for that.

I've been getting ready for tomorrow this week. I briefly looked at my Thanksgiving Plan from last year to get my stuffing recipe that I couldn't find and realized I was a lot more organized last year. No bread cornucopias this year! I only had Pumpkin last year and he was still napping twice a day.

Yesterday though was very productive. I baked five loaves of bread so that I'd have enough for dinner last night, tomorrow's dinner, as well as for the stuffing. I cooked my centerpiece (a pie pumpkin from the farm up the road) and made one pumpkin pie for Sweetheart to take to work today. I've got the other disk of pie crust and the filling for our pie to put together today or tomorrow. I made dinner for last night and tonight using the crockpot and did a lot of dishes.
Today, I'll assemble the stuffing, the Sweet Potato Souffle, the cranberry relish and prep the asparagus. We'll see about the pie, as it will just depend on Pumpkin and Dumpling.

I am able to actually sit down for a moment, as Dumpling is napping and Pumpkin is having some...alone time. He's almost two and has decided to hit when not getting his way. *sigh* The time-outs seem to be helping as this is the first one he's had in a week, I think. He was in there once or twice a day for a few weeks there. Time to go get him and have our post-time-out chat. Then--it's off to the kitchen!

Here's Dumpling in the darling outfit Kelli sent to him. Thanks again, Kelli!

Here's Pumpkin looking sooo grown up and not in time-out. :)

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Kelli said...

What two handsome boys you have, Kimberly! I enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving plans and how wonderful that you got a good night's rest and awoke to a beautiful snowfall. I will say a prayer that your husband gets home safe and sound!


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