Friday, September 14, 2007


Here we are the night the baby was born.


Here was my breakfast tray Sweetheart brought me the other morning while I was taking care of the baby. Isn't he wonderful?

We then had some fun with the rose and the camera.

Roses and Toeses


We're doing well here. We've been busy juggling the needs of both little boys this week with hardly an extra moment. Sweetheart has been so wonderful. He's been taking care of Pumpkin while I take care of the baby, as well as doing work for his job at night. So much for vacation time! Tonight he's doing laundry and taking care of stuff around the house.

My Dad and Stepmom just got in town and will be by tomorrow to meet the baby. Here's the baby in the cradle my Dad made.

My Mom has been so helpful as well taking care of Sweetheart and running errands for us all.

We went to the pediatrician's today for the baby's one week check. He passed with flying colors! Dr. B. said he looked perfect and seemed really healthy. He's been gaining weight from the beginning and we can see him plumping up already.

I am a serious boy.

Abner says hell0 in his own special way.

Pumpkin LOVES his little brother! He is constantly giving him hugs and kisses completely on his own. In the van today on the way to the doctor he kept resting his hand on the baby and patting him as they sat next to each other. It was so sweet! He brings him toys as well. It's really cute. We pray that they will grow in love for one another throughout their lives.

The boys meet for the first time.

Just some answers to questions people have left---The boys are 21 months apart. The baby does NOT have red hair. It's currently brown, like his Daddy, but has a lot of blonde underneath, like me. It's hard to tell who he will look like. He bears a strong resemblance to Pumpkin's early pictures, sans red hair, but his features are not as striking similiar to other family members as Pumpkin was. Now, he needs a blog name. Apple Dumpling, or Dumpling has been suggested. Sweetheart would call him Wookie, but that's his multi-purpose nickname for everything, including the dog, so...I'd rather not. I'm open for ideas! Feel free to comment!

Just so you don't think everything is always peaceful around here...


Mimi said...

Oh I love the pictures of your new little one... He is absolutely adorable... and Pumpkin seems to love him (at least for the time being.. until he gets big enough to mess with his Things
I kind of like the name Dumpling

Shelley Jo said...

I like dumpling, too, but what about Sweetie Pie because of the apple pie that brought on your labor?

My daughter is getting married in just a few weeks in Denver and her fiance has red hair. When I look at photos of your Pumpkin, I just have to smile. We are hoping for some grandchildren with red hair. I can hardly wait for the day when the first one is born!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Awwww! So much sweetness...

Yes, your honey is too good for words. I looked at the breakfast tray and thought, He really knows her well. It looks like something you'd put together yourself. You are loved!

And that picture of him and the baby sleeping...oh my! Little dumpling looks much older than a week there--and definitely like a boy.

Let me know when you're home alone during the day and needing some company.

Love and prayers!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

He is SO adorable (as is big brother).

After seeing your mom's picture, I know where you get your beauty from. :)

Cathy said...

Those are wonderful pictures. The baby is beautiful, and so is his little (guess I should say big) brother.

Anonymous said...

How about Peanut?
joanna said...

Oh Kimberly, he's so cute. What a beautiful post--the photos are wonderful! It was so nice to see the photos of your beloved, Sweetheart, your dear mom, and sweet Pumpkin welcoming his baby brother into the world. How very blessed you are my dear friend.
Lovingly, Jewels

regina barnett said...



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