Monday, August 13, 2007

1 Timothy 6:11

"Pursue a righteous life~

a life of






Run hard and fast

in the faith."

I love how The Message translates this verse.
The word wonder always makes me pause.
I want to live a life of wonder.
I want to pass that on to Pumpkin as well.
And yet, I think it's more him passing it on to me.

I love walking with him holding my hand.
It's slow.
Really slow.
But it's so good for me.
I've spent so much of life speed-walking through it all.
Since becoming a Mommy, my life has slowed down tremendously.

Now, I wonder what I why I was always in such a hurry.
Even today, as we visited one of the schools I taught at and Pumpkin and I walked slowly down the halls and slowly back to the parking lot, I thought to myself;
I wonder if any of the teachers I taught with would notice the difference in me now.

I'm sure they would attribute it just to holding the hand of a toddler (and the slight waddle of being due in two weeks), but it is more than that.
As we walk, we talk.
He points out everything, and I mean everything, that he sees.

Each ant, each bird, each flower is noticed and mentioned.
He revels in his words and loves to tell me what he sees and knows.
He is full of wonder, and truly wonderful.
He rejoices in all of God's creation.

And I rejoice with him.
And I think about t how much I've missed along the way.
But now is not the time for regrets.

It's simply the time to live, and wonder.


Our Family of Five said...

Your blog is so pretty!

Sandpiper said...

I was just reading your post about all of the cooking you did. Once a month cooking is something I've wanted to try for some time now, thanks for sharing what you did.

Mimi said...

And a little child shall lead them !!
they can show us the wonder of God's beautiful world... when we slow down to their speed and open our eyes to see what they see... love the post!

Carina said...

Thank you for sharing this verse in "The Message" translation; it is lovely! I copied it down onto an index card so I can reference it often!

Alice said...

Your Pumpkin is blessed to have you for a mom.


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