Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Morning Glory

I've found my Morning Glory seeds from last year. I guess I better get them in the ground soon. I was hoping to plant them with the sunflowers in the wildflower patch of the garden, but we're still waiting on the Robin Family to vacate the rototiller. The Babies are born and hungry. Mrs. Robin is driving Abner nuts as she flies around the yard and garden collecting food.


Kelli said...

How exciting that the baby robins have hatched, Kimberly! I'll bet they will grow up quickly so you can get your seeds planted!
Have a great day!

Kimberly said...

Since I just got my seeds, is it too late to send you some? I wasn't thinking about TX growing seasons. We don't usually do anything until Mothers Day as it usually snows in May here.

Mrs. U said...

I was SO hoping that my morning glories would reseed from last year!!! Do they usually reseed? Or is that just my wishful thinking? They were SO lovely last year!! Sigh...

Mrs. U

Kimberly said...

seed themselves last year. I've not seen any yet this year, though.
I didn't cut down the vines until after the first few frosts last fall. When I did take them down I harvested a huge amount of seeds whereas I had not been able to in prior years. If you'd like, I'll mail you some. Let me know.

Kelli said...

Hi Kimberly! It's been so wet and rainy here I haven't had a chance to plant too many seeds yet. I would love some of yours!


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