Friday, April 08, 2016

Ending the Week

It's actually raining a bit this afternoon and I'm recycling old blog pictures because I still get stuck trying to offload new pictures.  Besides, this one is rather a favorite of mine.  We're scheduled for rain for the next week.  It'll be nice.  I barely made it through all the endless grey days of Idaho, and I never want to leave the blue of a Colorado sky again, but I am looking forward to the showers.
Maybe it is the excuse to plug in all the twinkle lights and light the candles.  And it's cool enough out to warrant a cup of tea.  Never mind that I drink tea all the year round regardless of temperature. 
I was on the porch a few minutes ago watching raindrops land on the clusters of violets.  Maybe that's what I'm really longing for~more violets and all those May flowers to come.  It grew too cool for me to continue to sit and read outside and since the floors were all dry from washing I figure I should get back to work on something.  Though I find myself here instead. 
The rain is not deterring the kids from playing outside.  Of course, they may still think the floors are wet and who am I to tell otherwise?  It's just my three outside today so it is much quieter than yesterday afternoon.  And that's with Cupcake playing her recorder and someone, probably Dumpling, playing a bucket as a drum.  We are not what you'd call a musical family, so it's interesting.
We had a meet up at the park today with three other families that school at home in one form or another.  It was really nice.  The kids all do play so well together.  I'm hoping it can happen more and more with the warmer, though wetter, weather.  (That was quite a sentence!)
Pumpkin just popped in and noticed the picture above.  He was so good as to remind me that he really likes those lavender cookies.  :) Guess I'll be doing a bit of baking this weekend. 
Actually, I've got a lot of kitchen work to do.  There were requests for kimchi (or Kimberlychi as it's called here), pizza and we're out of breakfast burritos and granola.  I'm sure lavender cookies can be done though that's really an eclectic mix of food even for us.
Shoot.  Just remembered what I forgot to buy at the store today: oats.  There goes the granola idea. Drat. 
Oh well.  Guess I'd better get the pizza going for dinner tonight.  Looks like there's a lot of grating and chopping in my future. 
Well, everyone is in now and I must sign off.  Maybe I'll get a well thought out and typed out post soon.


Charlotte Moore said...

Sounds like a busy weekend.

DJ said...

I know that I have probably said this before, but I just love the way you let your children 'be' children. I always enjoy reading your posts. thanks

Sherry said...

reality in all its glory.
your posts are refreshing!
as is the rain on violets.

Kimberly said...

Thank you ladies!
The kiddos are amazing. They truly are such fun persons.
I rather felt embarrassed about the random chatty posts, but decided publish ANYTHING was better than waiting on myself to write the perfect post.


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