Monday, February 15, 2016

Spring Thaw

Last week there was only a small section of water showing through the ice and snow here.  We've had a few warmer days and we're all excited about spring arriving soon.  There will still be snows.  It's Colorado and sometimes snows in May.  But the lasting snow and ice are probably done for the season. 
And I am glad.  We're able to walk again which is something we've all missed.  It's just not worth it to try and walk on the icy roads.  There are no sidewalks, or trails in the area we live in.
We're on a Grace Week this week.  We do school usually for six weeks on and one week off.  The week off allows us time to catch up on things, if needed, and to just relax. 
We took a long walk this morning and have been back drawing and painting since then with cups of hot chocolate.  I've been sitting at the table drawing as well with them, but I think everyone is done for now.
Pumpkin is sitting in the recliner with a stack of books where he will happily remain ensconced until he's hungry again.  That boy eats as much as Sweetheart and I these days. ;)  So I'm sure he'll be asking about lunch soon.  Then he'll just move his books to the table to eat and continue reading.
I hear the sounds of Legos being shifted around a tub.  That's Dumpling.  He is happiest outside and on any kind of adventure, but he also loves building.
Cupcake toodled off to the greenhouse/playroom where she's doing something with clay. It's nice a warm out there since the sun broke through the clouds.  She can spend hours out there and it's attached to the house at the dining room windows so I can keep an eye on her.
I'm looking forward to spring really being here.  I got a seed catalog in the mail the other day and have thumbed through looking at all the possibilities.  It was nice not to plant last year, but I really want to this year.
We'll started seedling in the spring for our own use and possibly to sell at the Farmers Market.  They have opened up to more booths and reduced their rates for those of us not selling produce.  I had a booth at their Christmas Market and that went well.  They've invited all of us from that sale to have booths during the "shoulder seasons" at the beginning and end sales when there is not as much produce ready. 
This works really well for me.  Since so much of my products are coconut oil and wax based, the summer months are simply too hot to have everything on display.  To be able to sell in the cooler times is perfect.  Plus, unlike the regular produce booths, I don't have to commit to being there every single Saturday from May to October.  I'd rather escape to the mountains in the heat of summer!
We'll see how it goes.  I think it will be a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well.  I love the Farmers Market and it's really popular here in town.  It's such a great atmosphere and has a lot of customers.
I have had some sales since Christmas of a variety of Orchard House Farm products.  I've also started getting calls from people who bought things, or received them as gifts who are wanting to buy more.  In fact, I've got someone stopping by later today for more teas and had someone I'd never met stop by the other day for more Healing Balm as she had almost used up what she received in her stocking.  It's fun.  It'll probably never be enough to live off of, but every little bit helps!
Well, it's time to go make some lunch.  Not sure it's warm enough to eat outside as we did on Saturday, but I might try it.  Hope you are having a wonderful day as well.


Bonnie said...

We just got off single digit cold the last few days. Today it's finally warm enough for the kiddos to go outside. It's been a mild winter though, so we can't complain. I was just thinking of your little business and wondering how it was going! I know I LOVED my surprise git of lotions and whatnot from you! Kiddos are coming in from the snow and looking like they could use something warm, so I'll cut my comment short (I replied to yours on my blog by the way)
Happy Monday!

Charlotte Moore said...

I always thought Colorado was a much colder place than GA. Our pastor and his wife have a son that lives not too far from Denver and he has had warmer some days than we have had. I know in the mountains it is much colder temp from reading someones blog.

Enjoy your planting this year.

DJ said...

I enjoyed the picture of the creek. We have a wind chill factor of 0 deg F. today and that is a warm-up for us here in the far north of MI. We have a beautiful deep natural spring near here. It has a glass bottom ferry that is operated by a hand wheel. We were planning to go there today, but the snow and ice kept us away. We have re-scheduled for next week. I love that your children know how to occupy themselves and enjoy books. You are doing them such a favor by encouraging that.
Best wishes to your family, DJ in MI

Crystal Bean said...

It is so nice to see little signs of Spring. Even if it's just a few sunny days.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We had a big snowstorm this week but the snow is already melting. Would you mind sending me your new address? I'm at coffeeteabooksandme at


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