Tuesday, December 09, 2014

New Old Life

It's a quiet morning here.  Sweetheart has left for an early morning meeting and all my little ones are still asleep.  My computer isn't set up yet and so I've snuck onto Sweetheart's to take a moment to post here.  My hard drive crashed awhile back and with everything else we've had to do to move it's not a priority.  But I miss this place. 

I really miss being able to post pictures and feel slightly bereft in my own life not capturing the small moments.  Guess I should grab my camera, dust it off, and take the shots even if I can't share them.

Until then, I'll try to share the moments in words.  Last night, the perfect shot was Pumpkin stretched out on the couch under a blanket by the Christmas tree reading something from Narnia.  And stretched is the right term.  He turned nine at Thanksgiving and seems so very big.  Then he grins, that dimple shows up, and he's still my baby boy.

Then there's Dumpling.  What a wonderful mix of silly determination!  He's hilarious and he makes the best faces though he turns a bit to stone when in a crowd.  If he's comfortable with you though, look out. 

And Cupcake?  She can usually be found twirling around in whatever dress she's wearing that day (because as a girl she must wear a dress or skirt each day even over her jeans) with a fist full of Legos, or her sword chattering on a mile a minute in her little Chipmunky voice.  (If you've met her, you know what I mean.)

Sweetheart is, of course, wonderful.  He's working hard looking for work.  Applications, portfolios and resumes are filling up his hours.  Though there is always time for a cup of tea and a chance to dog pile the kids.

I'm still working on my place here.  The home is set up and we're do our school each day.  I find it odd, but comforting to be back in a town I called home for many years.  It certainly feels more like home than Idaho ever did to me. 

I like taking walks down our road.  It was funny the first morning I walked passed the place I lived seventeen years ago.  I recall other walks in what seems a lifetime ago.  It's so beautiful here.  It's magical. 

And I love that the road isn't all iced over so that I can walk knowing that there is no way I'd be able to walk back at the old house in Idaho.  Which we still need to sell.  You can pray about that one.  Thanks.

So I'm here in my little home.  It's so very cozy.  I've got my twinkle lights on the mantle and on the Christmas tree and they just make me smile. 

It's possible that our tree is a bit big for our place, but I'm glad we got it.  It's next to the edge of the coach between the living room, dining room and kitchen filling it all in nicely.  You certainly can't miss it as it nearly brushes the ceiling (no angel this year!) and spills out all around.  I like that I can see it wherever I am working.

It's time to go now.  I've got other things that must be done before the kids are up and running.  Hope you are having a wonderful day, too.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I do keep you in prayer quite often! Perhaps only in Eternity will you know the influence you had on lives in Idaho.

ladytoesocks said...

I'm so happy that you are in a place that feels like home. You never seemed 100% in Idaho. I hope the season brings you many glad tidings!

Charlotte Moore said...

It is so good to hear from you. Glad you are feeling more at home. PRAY your house sells soon.


DJ said...

Nice to hear from you and it sounds like your life is getting more of your normal. Glad to see that. Prayers that everything works out for the best with the Idaho house at just the right moment.

Shan said...

Dearest Kimberly,

Just sat down and started reading some of my favorite blogs. So delighted you are settling in and enjoying the Peace of Christmas.

I have you in my prayer journal and hope that Sweetheart will find employment soon.

Blessings to you sweet lady...


rhonda jean said...

I'm pleased you're in a place you love. I hope your old home sells and your DH gets work soon. I just came by to wish you a very merry Christmas. I hope your happiness increases next year. xx


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