Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dumpling is just a little excited!!!!  He's lost his first tooth.  The second one should be out any day and the big teeth are already ready to move in.  The Tooth Fairy visited and left a gold dollar coin.  Good motivation to get that next tooth out, too.  ;)
Can you believe how big he is?


Charlotte Moore said...

He is getting to be a big boy. Time goes so fast.

DJ said...

Red letter day! The first tooth is so exciting whether it is coming in or out. 8-) Enjoy every moment of their childhood, it goes so fast.
Thanks for sharing the milestones with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog. In the "blogs I read" section of someone else's blog, I saw that beautiful smile of your son's, and I just had to stop by.

I, too, live in Idaho, though I am not rural. I'm in a subdivision in the Boise area. Still, we're neighbors of sorts.

Isn't it funny...a gold dollar coin! When I was growing up, the tooth fairy left a quarter. My own kids (now in their early 20's) received paper dollars. Now she's giving gold dollars---wish I was losing teeth now!!



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