Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Days

It's cold here in Idaho.  And grey so many days that it makes me long for the blue of a Colorado sky. 
I know that it is a mild winter for Idaho, but for this girl born and raised in Arizona, it's still cold.  Not that I'd want to move back to Arizona.  Not at all.  I miss family still there, but that is all.  Colorado was home for many years though and I could happily return there, though not back to a big city life again.  Besides, I'm sure there are covenants against our 40+ chickens.
We have no plans to move anyway, so I'm not sure why I've gone off on that tangent.
So, we fill the house with candles, oil lamps and twinkle lights to brighten up our days and our nights.  In fact, as I was typing this someone dropped in to buy eggs.  She complimented the twinkle lights on the porch.  I was raised that Christmas light up after New Years were tacky, but here no one cares.  The reality is that since Sweetheart still needs to rewire the porch lights, the twinkle lights are the porch lights. 
It's twilight here now.  Another beautiful pink and orange sky is ours to enjoy across this wide valley we over look.  This nightly Gift of color and hope is a blessing.
Now, it's time to put the pizza in the oven and get the movie ready.  It's movie night here tonight.  May the Light shine bright in your home tonight as well.

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