Friday, November 22, 2013

All is Well

The craft fair was a HUGE success!  Thank you for your prayers.  In fact, it was so successful that I am currently buried in piles of tins, bags, tea and balms as I get ready to host my first in home one woman craft fair Thanksgiving weekend.  Crazy?  We'll see.
Right now all this crafting is a bit off due to sick kiddos and a sleep-deprived me.
In fact, I'd best get off here and get back to work.  It's hard though because I am so tired. 
I've got lots to add to the Etsy store soon as well.  This is an old picture, but I liked it.  I am especially loving my new lotion bars.  They're hearts and cute and feel so nice. 
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Unknown said...

I was just wondering how our friend Joanne was doing? Nothing updated since August.

Charlotte Moore

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Congratulations! So glad the show was successful.

Anna Watts said...

Your packaging looks so nice! I love lotion bars! I made some a long while back, and they work great, just can't seem to get them to catch on here.


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