Friday, September 27, 2013

Autumn Glimpses

We've been doing all our Autumn activities here.  Last Friday, the kids and I enjoyed a picnic up under an apple tree in the pasture.  I packed up our lunch, and a thermos of coffee for me, some blankets and wandered up the hill to enjoy a sunshine filled day.
After an extremely hot, dry summer the Autumn rains were most welcome.  We had planned on a picnic several times, but were rained out.  We enjoyed our lunch and laughed and played all together.  We relaxed together and listened to crickets serenade us.  Talked about the leaves just starting to change and all sorts of delightful little things.
We've been doing school steady this month.  Between that and the three birthdays, there hasn't been much time to write.  At the moment, all three kids are playing happily and noisily upstairs.  I'm making Pumpkin Bread galore from the pumpkins in our garden.  I just pulled three pans of muffins out and put three loaves of bread in.  All I need now is a cuppa tea.
I worked hard in the garden the other day in preparation of a freeze that didn't happen.  That's the way it goes.  My counters are still loaded down with herbs and pumpkins, zucchinis and more.  Sweetheart mentioned the last of the pears need to be picked and that the apples are pretty much ready.
I'm working on my teas and salts in hopes of getting all those ready as soon as possible. 
I experimented with solid lotions and bath bombs the other day to sell as well.  I absolutely LOVE the lotion bars, but am rather ambivalent as to the bath bombs.  I've passed some samples out and am awaiting feedback.  And more time.  They can't wait, fresh produce can't.
I haven't really wanted to can this year, but I did three batches of peach jam the other day.  Most everything else is being dried or frozen. 
My Mom watched the kids last Friday night and they had a slumber party at her house.  It was the first time Sweetheart and I have ever been home alone here.  It was so quiet!  We read and marveled at the silence.  We enjoyed visiting and just hanging out together without interruption. 
I even got to sleep in as late as I wanted and had my breakfast in bed.  Pure luxury.  Here's to more slumber parties soon!  Thank you, Mom!
Well, I need to get back up and get moving.  There's lots more to be done.  I'm even helping with a wedding cake for next weekend and painting a big sign for the wedding arch.  The bride wants the Scripture verse from their invitations on a wooden sign( like these) to hang on the arch they're making out of bales of hay.  I'll be breaking out the brushes as soon as Sweetheart cuts the board.  Another neighbor baked the cakes, so I'll be fondanting them and decorating them with flowers.  Fondant is new to me, so pray.  Since the bride will be my nearest neighbor as of next weekend, I want to get it right!

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Bonnie said...

I was curious about all of the wedding pins! Looks like it will be lovely! We could use some rain here, crazy weather all summer long. The garden is done, and we finally got our first *full* week of school in, even though we started a month ago. Sheesh. Oh, and we got our first egg today! Think that pumpkin bread will have to go on the menu for breakfast, sounds awfully tasty : 9


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