Friday, June 21, 2013

My Dad

So, I wanted to write all sorts of sweet things about my Dad for Fathers Day.  But Blogger & Picassa were fighting and in the end I was just happy I got the pictures up. 

I love the title for this post.  It sounds like the title to a grade school essay, doesn't it?  It's right up there with "What I Did on My Summer Vacation".  That's ok.  He won't mind.  I hope.

My Dad.  While he wasn't thrilled with the pictures I posted, they made me smile to see them.  I love the first one of him.  Isn't that dimple adorable?  Guess we know where Cupcake and Pumpkin got theirs.  (Along with another, more hidden dimple we don't post pictures of.)  I don't remember seeing this picture of him when I was growing up.  I think the only picture I saw was his senior picture.  But I do like this one.  He was, and is, a handsome guy.

My Dad is also a wonderful Dad.  He is a lot of fun to be around and he is good at so many different things.  Our home is filled with wonderful things he has built for us.  From dressers and book shelves to tea boxes and jewelry boxes, I doubt there is a room that doesn't have something created from his hands.  The kids play all the time with the kitchen and picnic table he made for them.  And I've kept each thing he's ever made me.

He has had a lot of different interests over the years from motorcycles to sail boats to race cars.  Actually, I think the cars were his first love that he's just gone back to now that he could buy what he wanted. I just wish I had inherited his love of speed and danger.  :)  And the ability to ride in a vehicle from Phoenix to San Diego without ever needing to take a pit stop.

Some of my best memories as a child were the trips we would take with me riding on the front of his motorcycle going over various mountain passes in Colorado on our summer vacations from Arizona.

I remember our trip to California to look at colleges for me.  That was such a fun trip and full of great memories.  Even getting lost in that really interesting part of Los Angeles.

One of the neatest gifts he ever gave me was a set of three binders the Christmas after I moved back from China.  He had written at least twice a week the year I was there and he saved copies of all his letters and mine.  He filled those binders with all our letters and all the little things and photos I had sent from China to him.  Not bad for a guy who didn't want me to even go.

I've done lots of things he didn't think I should, but he loves me anyways.  None of them criminal, just different life choices.  Some a bit off the beaten trail, perhaps, like moving to China, and even moving to Idaho which some days feels as far off.  If only we could get rid of Utah and Wyoming and just squish Idaho next to Colorado.  At least the phone service is better.

He is second only behind Sweetheart in his encouragement for my writings.  I do find it embarrassing that he forwards posts to other people, but since this is hardly a private forum I guess he might as well.  :)  I hope one day I can get my daily life a bit more under control to allow for more frequent and better writing myself.  Until then, I will just plunk away at these keys in the few minutes grabbed here and there as I am able.  And maybe someday I fulfill at least one of his dreams for me and really write something worth reading.

I hope he will find this worth reading and know this:  I LOVE YOU, DAD.  You're wonderful.    You've given me so much.  Sometimes I find it hard to write the things that matter most.  Know that my heart is full of love for you.  Thank you.


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Buttons said...

Oh Kimberly this is a beautiful post and you are a talented writer I say this as tears run down my face. Your Dad has a wonderful smile back then and I assume now.
Great post. I miss my Dad. Hug B


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