Sunday, June 02, 2013

At Work.

There seem to be little (and big) projects tucked all around the house these days.
I try so hard not to let the clutteriness of it all drive me around the bend, but some days are harder than other with this.
On my windowsills are seedlings, cuttings, and little bits of outside brought in.  I'm rooting mints to plant, keeping tarragon handy for dinners, enjoying the briefs blooms of roses and iris.  Here's the tea strainer, ready to be refilled, the squash from the produce basket waiting to be made into dinner, last year's mint dried in a jar for evening teas. 
On this counter, wild chives and roses are drying for future projects.  A jar sits filled with more chive blossoms and vinegar pickling away. There's a jar of clover Pumpkin picked and filled with water for some purpose.  The jar of honey sits out because each time I put it back I seem to need it. 
There's the camera, having just been used for the above picture, sitting next to a container of roses I'm trying to dry in a desiccant.  The coffee grinder just finished it work keeping me going through this afternoon. 
Next to me on the Hoosier lies another packet of desiccant--which for all its fancy packaging looks remarkably like kitty litter--glad I didn't pay for it.  On my other side sits a stack of things I'm reading topped by my calendar that actually has some special events listed on it.  Along side the stack is a box of kleenex and my sunglasses, testimonies to the last few days spent outdoors tucking seeds into the earth on our first sunny days in quite some time.
Sweetheart and the boys are out again trying to catch dinner.  Let's hope they are successful.  Otherwise I've got to turn a half-frozen block of meat I'm tired of eating into some delightful for dinner.
It's so good to know that my guys are outside together having fun and learning new things.  The morels were quick good that we enjoyed last night.  Mostly, I'm just happy Sweetheart is taking a break and enjoying the reasons we live out here in the middle of nowhere instead of being stuck inside on endless remodel projects.  Yes, there are still quite a few things that need to happen to finish the kitchen, but it's functional and despite it's incompleteness, it still looks better, and works better, than before!
Well, I need to go get Cupcake up.  I was in the attic while she's been napping.  I've been reading old Victoria's and brainstorming new projects.  We'll be doing things differently than last year with regards to the market and I'm trying to figure out how to make it all work.  All the delightful herbal articles in the old Victoria's have been truly inspiring.
Hope you have a wonderful new week.


Bonnie said...

I'm sure I've told you before but I'll say it (possibly) again: one of my biggest clean out regrets was getting rid of my old Victorias. I hit a church rummage sale and found o box full for cheap so I rooted through and bought all the ones that I remembered the covers of. A few were "duds", but they're tucked away for a good rainy day treat. Actually, I learned from that and save my favorite issues of magazines. I love pulling them out seasonally.

KathyB. said...

Re-reading the "Victorias" is a pleasure I reserve for the times I am worn out with so much activity inside, outside, and socially. That is when I take tea and a magazine onto the porch for a bit of inspirational and relaxing reading.

A few years ago in a frenzy of de-cluttering I sold all my Victoria magazines at a garage sale. They were snatched up right away. I have since renewed my subscription and they are keepers.

Your times sound busy, but the perfect kind of busy. The kind of busy a young & loving family should enjoy.

Michell Pulliam said...

Hi Kimberly! Hope you post pictures of your finished kitchen remodel! Thanks so much for dropping by...have a lovely day!


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