Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Autumn at an End

Autumn appears to be done here in Idaho.
This picture was from a few days ago, now that view is without color and mostly covered in snow.
I spent yesterday cracking walnuts and finishing up preserving all the apples I picked.  The elderberries didn't happen.  I went to pick when I was able and they were already done for.  I must try to do better next year.

The boys and I do school now in the afternoons during naptime for Cupcake.  It works better that way as we are able to work without as many interruptions.  I am not one of those great homeschool moms that can teach math to the five and six year old while magically making the two year old part of the lesson.  We do some things, like read alouds with her joining us, of course, but where I need the boys to focus and learn a new idea such as math it's best to wait. 

We are doing a social studies unit I wrote when I was teaching on map skills and our place in the world.  I think it is funny to see how much I can cover faster than I was ever able to in a classroom.  We are able to skip a lot of the "filler" things.  Plus, it is easier with all of us on the same page living in the same exact place.  We share all the same reference points.  It is nice to add some more Charlotte Mason type learning with the unit which is something I was not familiar with as a classroom teacher.

We were able to do the lessons I wanted quickly. We turned on Little Women and I made the boys hot tea and served muffins I baked yesterday morning. I cracked more nuts and we just enjoyed a snuggly afternoon in by the warm fire while Cupcake slept, Sweetheart worked and the sky snowed. It was a lovely afternoon.

Well,  I don't really have anything to say.  I just wanted to pop in and let everyone now I was still alive.  We are all well and hope you are, too.

***PS- I think I fixed the tab widget thing on the sidebar.  Feedback?
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Buttons said...

Well it is nice to know you are still alive:) Missed you but I know how your life is rich and full that is a great thing. B

Anna said...

That picture is absolutely breathtaking!!! That is one I would love to have hanging on my wall. It would make a wonderful painting!

Glad to see someone homeschooling their kids. In today's world, it is truly the best. I switched to it towards the end of my kids growing up (about half of them) and wished I had done it years sooner. Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us.

Bonnie K said...

I love your post. Just makes me want to snuggle in and enjoy a snow day.

Anonymous said...

Do you have wild elderberries? You should make syrup. I think there's a Youtube video for making it. I've read it's super great for colds and sicknesses. I buy mine at the healthfood store and it's expensive. :)

BaileyZimmerman said...

Kim...what a lovely post....a gorgeous autumn photo!!


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