Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still Walking

I am still walking most mornings.  It is a bit more challenging these days as the sun is sleeping in later than I am.  There are no streetlights out here so it is quite dark.  This morning I left with a flashlight in my hand just in case I needed it.  I turned it on as I started out just because I didn't want to startle or be startled by anything. 
But I quickly turned it off.  It felt like an intrusion.  It's the same reason I don't listen to music on these walks.  When I began walking this spring, the world was full of the birds' songs at first light.  Now, they are not singing so much.  In fact, it has become almost a rare sound. 
Likewise, the frogs peeping at night in the spring has been replaced by the songs of the crickets.  Sweetheart and I and Martin (Chuzzlewit) relaxed in the hammocks last night under the twinkle light in the orchard after the kiddos were in bed.  There was a gentle breeze and the crickets serranaded us sweetly.  There was the occasional thud of an early apple falling. 
I had the boys collect up all the fallen apples yesterday morning.  There are several kinds of apples here with one tree already ripe.  I steam juiced a batch and have the dehydrator making apple chips as I type.  I fact, I've already got my morning batch of plums picked and juicing away, a basketful of mint picked, and the first ripe cucumber awaiting lunchtime.  There's breakfast baking in the oven, too. 
I took a shorter walk this morning so that I could get all these things done before everyone else is up.  And, now as they are all still sleeping, I am writing to you all.
As I started to write before, it is still quite dark out when I begin my walks these days.  At first there are only shadows and dark shapes that I can only identify because I walk these roads so much.  Gradually, my steps become more sure and I am able to pick out more of what is in the shadows.  Usually, my only company are the deer walking along. 
I hear rustling in the bushes at grasses at my feet, but I keep walking.  One morning I stopped to discover who the rustler was only to watch a lovely furry black and white creature emerged from the brush.  Not wanting to startle the dear (!), I backed up and got away as quickly as possible.  Now I don't wait to see who's there.
On one part of this morning's walk I was walking back towards the sunrise.  The sky was a pale, pale pink.  There was a dead locust tree, its branches a stark sillohuette against the early glow. Every branch was so distinct.  A bit further up the road I passed an evergreen tree.  It was as though every needle were outlined and a tree I've passed many times suddenly appeared as a work of art.  Its lines so different than the locust tree, but each was simply startling in its beauty.
I wish you could have seen it.
I turned the corner back towards home, thinking of all I wanted to get going on before the day's crushing heat sets in.  I picked two blackberries from a neighbor's bush, a morning tradition she doesn't mind, and found myself back passing the barn the chickens and rooster still quietly sleeping.
I picked the plums and starting them to juice, turned on the dehydrator for the apples, and grabbed another basket for the mint.  I came back in after the mint was picked and took my camera out to the garden.  The only upside to all the fires around here is that it makes for a lovely sunrise and sunset, and diffuses the light in a lovely way for pictures.  The sunflower above is the first to bloom in the kids' garden.  They will be so happy to see it.  I took more pictures that I share over the next few days.
I came back in to the smells of mint, coffee, apples, plums and sausages baking.  I think Autumn may be on its way!
Now, I hear the pitter patter (hah!) of little feet upstairs and know it is time to go.  I hope you all have a lovely day.
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BaileyZimmerman said...

Wonderful post....it gave me chills.....beautifully written!!
Isn't it interesting how things look so different at different times of day.... different times of year....different weather?
I also find that when I go down a road that it appears totally different coming back up the road. When I travel and rent an apartment I am so surprised at the things I discover every day...going down the same paths/roads/calli....windows and doors that were closed one day can be opened the next....I just love the surprises!!

Thanx so much honey for taking the time to write!!!!!
It makes my day!!

Nessie said...

Hi Kimberly,
I am normally up quite early as well (before all the others anyway), but can I ask you when you get up and start walking? If it is really early, when do you go to bed? I would love to start the morning walking routine as well as I don't like meeting people when I puff along but I would definitely have to get up another hour earlier than the rest and I do realise that I am always so tired in the evening and if I would have to go to bed even earlier - that would be a bit frustrating. So I am nosy and would love to know how you are handling this?
Thanks so much for replying,

Kimberly said...

I am up at 5:30. When it was lighter at 5:15, I got up then. ;) I try to get to bed about 10. Sometimes it is later, but the other night I was asleep just after the kids went to bed, but before they fell asleep.

Carissa said...

Just lovely, I felt I was walking along with you.

Heather said...

The description of your walk was just lovely! It is not fun to be surprised by those black and white lovelies! ;o)

I grew up in Idaho (Moscow, Troy, Kamiah,and even further north)and I have so enjoyed your pictures of where you live.

You were very industrious this morning! ;o)

~Heather P.

Natasha In Oz said...

The days are getting longer here in Australia so I am getting excited about taking early morning walks.

It sounds like your walks are blissful!

Best wishes,
Natasha in Oz

PS thanks so much for stopping by today and leaving a comment on my teatime post!


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