Tuesday, July 17, 2012

These Happy Summer Days

Our days are filled with work (Sweetheart & I) and laughter (the boys).  And squeals and tears (Cupcake).  It's life. (And why do girls make that awful squealy sound and how does one stop it from occuring?)
I am keeping quite busy preparing for my first foray to the Farmers Market this weekend.

I am a bit nervous, I must admit.  What if no one wants to buy anything?  What if I have wasted all this time and effort and money?  Ugh.

I wasn't able to begin last weekend as I had hoped simply because I did not have everything I needed.  Sweetheart and I did have a lovely time out last weekend to celebrate our 14th Anniversary.  Dinner by the lake at a resort nearby was perfect.  After dinner we walked to the edge of the dock and sat in the rocking chairs provided and watched the boats sail and motor on by.  It was wonderful.

I have spent almost every other spare moment in the garden.  My, but I am good at growing weeds.

So, I have had to cycle back to making things for the market.  I have Healing Balm cooling behind me.  Lip Balm, assorted Scrubs and Lavender Body Butter are on the list for today in between everything else.  If only people didn't need clean clothes or meals while there are projects to complete!  Alas.

I am also trying to figure out labels for everything.  I ordered some fun things for packaging that I won't have for this weekend, but I'll do the best I can for now.  It's all a lot of think, plan, and do!  Therefore, blogging isn't likely to happen for a time.
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Buttons said...

Happy Anniversary and you are going to have a great time at the Farmers Market I just know it. B

Bonnie said...

I hope you take pictures of all your farmers market goodness! (And then post them whenever you've got a minute)
If you figure out the squealing- pass on the info.

Been out in the garden myself a lot. Tomatoes are going like gang-busters, and the beans look like the will be too!

Praying the market goes well!


BaileyZimmerman said...

Kim...lol....girls squealing like little piglets....it's been going on for centuries....not sure if there is a cure!

Re: the farmer's market. Give it a few weeks...at first it'll be making contacts and meeting people. It will be fun just making connections. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for people to start buying. They'll spot your goodies and then think about them and return...or buy something, so home and use it and then return the following week to buy some for a friend!!

Love you honey!!!!! You'll have a blast!!

BaileyZimmerman said...

ps...lovely photo....I can smell the rose!!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

All the very best for your market this weekend Kimberly. I also have the markets this weekend and am busy getting ready. My home is filled with cake stands! I'm more prepared this time. I have brown paper bags and tissue paper. At my first market I didn't think I would sell much but I ran out of packaging and people kept asking me for business cards!
Finding time to write blog posts is hard. I finally put one up yesterday after several weeks absence. I used to post at least one a week but now this little business is looking like it might take off I have to put my effort into that because it is going to bring us a little extra income and it is a venture that I can do alongside my family. It's something I could hand over to my daughter in a few years too. Do take some photos and if you have time share them at your blog. I was able to direct a lady to pictures of my cake stands at my blog which secured me a spot at a handmade market! And people love to see what what others make and sell at farmer's markets. You may inspire others to step out and give it a go!

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

All the best at the farmers' market! My daughter is a bread vendor. It's a learning curve, but oh so much fun!


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