Friday, June 01, 2012

Planting Continues

I planted 15 types of squash, 4 types of potatoes, 3 kinds of beets, and a ton of herbs so far today.
Arugula and broomcorn are in there somewhere, too.
I have a pocket full of seeds to stuff back in the little packet.
This joins a variety of greens, flowers, herbs and the four sets of corn I already planted.
And I am only halfway done.
And I have the easy job!
Now it's time for a cold ale, baths for all our dusty farmkids and movie night with popcorn!
I *should* go back out after the kids are in bed as it is cooler, but...we'll see.
Thank goodness dinner is all ready to go.  I made tons of bbq chicken in the crockpot yesterday and coleslaw and rolls yesterday.  I heated up some corn (!) and we have plenty for tonight.
The meats heating up in the crockpot and I'll just toss the corn on the stove and dish everyone up.
It'll be crockpot dinners until the planting is done.
And we're on a break for school until then as well.
Happy June!!!
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BaileyZimmerman said...

Holuy cow act as if crockpot dinners were a step down from other dinners. I'd take your crockpot meal over my meals anytime. (Well...I do have a few favorites that I

Robin Sue said...

I have to ask, was that chicken in the photo the one who ended up in the crockpot as BBQ? Let's talk fresh!! I read that you have a dinner triangle- I must get one of those to save me from screaming, "Dinnnnnnerrrrr!" I think Lodge makes them- or where did you get yours from?
Robin Sue

Kimberly said...

My crew doesn't like to eat all the food together. They like to eat one item at a time, so crockpot meals are NOT a hit around here. :)
I don't care myself, but the male members are...picky.
The bbq chicken was, alas, Costco. We've gone through our meat birds from the fall. We'll be getting more soon, I just asked that we wait until all the planting is done. I am afraid there will be after all since this is taking so long.
I just got a triangle off Amazon. It wasn't Lodge, it was whatever was the least expensive. I could really use something louder out here though. I may have to upgrade!

Cathy said...

Just found your blog through your comment on Rosie's blog.
Oh my, I LOVE it. I will be following your blog from now on.
Blessings to you,

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

Broom corn? I'm impressed! Will you be making your own brooms? Is this a talent you've used in the past, or will this be your first attempt? Will you blog about it?

Kimberly said...

Thank you Cathy and welcome!
Kate-I have not done grown this before. We'll see what happens. We used handmade brooms in China. In some ways they were great, but they did leave little broom bits behind. Sweetheart bought the seeds and I planted them. Who know what will happen, but I will blog about it. :) The variety of colors in the seeds themselves got me excited about them!

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

I'll be eagerly watching your blog for future postings about it. I've only seen it growing once (that I noted, at least) at the Canterbury Shaker Village. They have a broom maker on staff, whose name (no foolin') is Jack Frost!

I just bought an Amish made broom on our recent visit to Pennsylvania.


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