Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Good Morning.

Dumpling's "Office"

 I got downstairs half asleep still and gathered everything to start the morning fire.  I opened the fireplace door and thought the ash looked odd.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw something hanging on the inside of the door.  A baby bird.  I looked around a saw the wing of another in the corner of the opening.
I shut the door and tried to think through my sleep-addled brain.
I got a jar and lid and went back to the fire place.  I finagled the first one it and set it outside in the evergreen by the porch door. As I tried to get the one in the corner, another one just flew out unexpectedly!  It took off for a corner so I concentrated on the one I was already trying to get.  It flew out, too!  Great.  Now I have two loose birds in my living room.
I went and turned on the porch light and left the front door open, then went and shut off the living room light hoping they would fly out toward the light on their own.  Instead, they continued to fight the glass in the living room windows.
It took a few minutes, but I captured each one in the jar and released it.
It took a few more minutes for my racing heart to slow.
But I am wide awake now!
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loralie said...

What a way to start the morning!

Vicki in UT said...

What an adventure! I had a bird come in through the dryer vent once!??! I was totally panicked, a little scared, and a little scared of hurting the bird. Glad you were able to get them out.


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