Friday, May 18, 2012


I was making dinner last night and thought of tonia's post.
Its words were renewing and refreshing.
I thought about the link she had for Clean As You Go.
So I refreshed the flowers,  light the candle, turned on the music and tried to peacefully and mindfully prepare dinner.
A glass of wine to sip and a pot of jasmine tea just add a bit of loveliness.

 The kitchen was pretty clean to start which helps.  I am trying to keep it that way always simply because I prefer things clean and because people drop in unannounced around here all the time.

The purple bowl was for scraps for the chickens.  It would work for compost as well, but the chickens get most of what I used to compost anyway.  This one thing helps so much to contain the mess as I prep a lot of veggies most meals.

Dinner (Chinese Chicken Noodle Salad) is ready to serve.
Missing in the picture is all of Cupcake's toys and the girl herself on the floor keeping me company.

Just a few dishes to rinse and my tea things were all that was left to clean when dinner was over.
Making dinner isn't always a lot of fun around here.  Shocking I know.  It isn't always as pretty either.  BUT since I cook so much, I have discovered that it doesn't seem like such a drudgery when I purposefully make it all as nice as I can.  Believe, I am quite tired of making dinner every night.  This helps to improve my attitude. 


BaileyZimmerman said...

I remember all those years of cooking every night....with a couple of hungry kids at my ankles....not fun!
I hate to say it but my love of cooking kinda went by the wayside after so many years of HAVING to do it ALL the time.
Now I find the same thrill eating

Lovely, lovely photos...thanks honey for posting such a lovey post!

flo said...

Wonderful! Now I'm ready to make dinner. LOL


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