Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In the Kitchen

tea & toast

While I am inside with Cupcake the boys are outside playing in the dirt and building with sticks.  Sweetheart is one Day 2 of burning brush.
Things around the homestead have been so long neglected that Sweetheart has spent much of his time just trying to fix what has broken that day for the last year.  Now, most of those types of repairs are complete and he had been free to work on improvements.  I now have outlets in the bathroom!  After a year without, it is kinda nice.
The weather dictates what is done from day to day for obvious reasons.  Now that we are seeing less rain and warmer temperatures he is spending a lot of time out doors working.  I am able to join him with the boys "helping" when Cupcake naps.
Clearing out decades of overgrowth has resulted in some amazing piles to burn.  We save everything that can be used for firewood and burn or chip the rest.  We end the days now ready for sleep and so happy at the (finally!) visible improvements.
Last evening after the kids were in bed we hung out in the big porch hammock together.  It was so nice to relax after working so hard with a cool drink, a gentle breeze and simply chatting together as the sun went down.  One would think that we would run out of things to say as we are together almost 24/7, but we don't!  Once we was dark we sat on the front stoop just looking at the stars and the rising moon.  What a sweet end to a productive day.

Rose Chintz Cottage


Anna said...

Everything about that picture looks wonderful! The bread looks yummy, the tea looks soothing, and the cup is beautiful. The words peaceful, serenity, and old-fashioned goodness comes to mind.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Kimberly,
I miss those days when the kids were outside playing in the dirt! :)
And I agree with Anna. Your photo does bring peace, serenity, and old-fashioned goodness to mind! Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


Micupoftea~ said...

Nice photo...bread and water can so easily become tea and toast! :)


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