Friday, March 16, 2012


This was our family room the other day.  The cold, greyness of the day required a constant fire and twinkle lights.  Of course, I think twinkle lights improve almost any day.  I had had them with an evergreen garland on the mantle at Christmas and decided I liked them so much that I wanted to keep them even after all the other decorations were put away. They are now entwined in an ivy garland. 

The twigs in the jar are forsythia.  This is my first attempt to force them indoors.  In the reading room, through the archway, is another jar filled with pussy willows just coming out.  I love bringing bits of the outdoors inside.

This picture doesn't quite show the all the coziness the room had as the lighting goes a bit off in a photo, but that's ok.

And I really will take down the hearts garland in the archway.  Someday.

Best news of the week:  I just finished my last milking!!!!  They are coming to get her after work today!!!
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Bonnie said...

It is soooooo cozy and comfy looking Kimberly, I love it!

Buttons said...

Wow Kimberly reading this about your final milking I remember this well. I was sad to see old Mary go OK not really she was a mean old cow that kept me running and I was happy when I no longer had to milk her.
I love that room it is very peaceful and relaxing. Take care. B

Melissa said...

..."twinkle lights improve almost any day" ~ I think I am going to have to give that a try!

I love your CS Lewis quote above!

Vicki in UT said...

What a beautiful, cozy home. So glad you will get to sleep in sometimes now.

tonia said...

I came over looking for a skirt post...can't see it though. But oh, this sweet room! I can just imagine taking tea with you here and I so want to get out my twinkle lights right now. If you come car shopping this way let me know! Love you!


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