Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Welcome New Year

I am still here and all is well.  I have both enjoyed my self-imposed break and missed being here as well.  My mind is full of all sorts of things to write and think about, but the days are filled with work and children and chores and children and cleaning and children and cooking and children and schooling.  And those are the important things and exactly what I should be doing.  I find that in spite on all my racing thoughts, now that I am sitting here, my mind is pretty blank!
If you have noticed me scarce in other places-FB, Pinterest, commenting on your blogs, etc.--please understand that I have had to simply take a step back and focus on those here.  In fact, I have discovered that Pinterest will only work long term for me if I use it for just pinning the things I am already reading.  So I dropped nearly all the boards I was following.  It is not anything personal.  I have also dropped to a small handful of blogs in my reader simply because I was spending too much time reading.
And so we've started a new year.  I wish I could make a million resolutions and keep them all perfectly.  But, I can't.  Instead, I am working on a few tweaks to life here and there, hoping for more "success" that way.  I don't know.  If anything seems to work long term, I am sure I'll share it later.
I just wanted to pop in for a moment, and say that I am still around.  Our internet hasn't been working properly for the last week, or so and I am not sure this will even publish.  But since the connection seemed to be working and everyone else is upstairs, I thought I would grab a few minutes here on Sweetheart's computer.  Sadly, I am too tired for any really interesting writing and I know that I should be cleaning the kitchen and putting away the last load of laundry so I will end this really pathetic post now.
If this is your first visit, I hope it won't be the last!  Come back soon and I will try to do better.  ;)  And be on my own computer where all the pictures are...


Missy K said...

It is just good to have a few words from you-- I have been quiet in blog-land as well-- life has been needing me, and when I can have it, I've needed quiet rather than words.

Love to you for a good 2012!

Bonnie said...

You said you would be gone, so I wasn't worried. I hear you on the resolutions, though my main goal in focus for the year so far is "don't throw-up". Looking forward to whenever you do get to post!

Buttons said...

Take it easy Kimberly I know how tired we all get this time of year.I hope the farming is going well. Happy 2012. B

Susan said...

I always miss seeing you around the internet, but that is why I come back here when you give us an update. You totally are focusing on the right things! Hugs and blessings to you and yours this New Year.


BaileyZimmerman said...

Dear, dear Kim.....even a simple post from you is better than an elaborate post from many.
You started out the year on solid ground....getting a good balance in your electronic world. There are so many ways to drain away a day online. I seldom post on Facebook....but I'll spend a minute checking on other people. I scan....scanning works better for me...I don't have time to read every word.
I still wish we lived are a fascinating woman and I'd love to share a cuppa with you!!
Love to you honey........

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My rss feed said this posted ten hours ago but it just popped up before I was getting offline!

I had to take a break between Christmas and New Years and I was already behind on answering e-mails for the blog.

I think people will understand.

I hardly ever comment on blogs now, mainly skimming my favorites on Google Reader and actually going to just a few (like Rosie's blog-- Jewel's daughter) where the pictures are better viewed on the site.

Of course, yours will always be near and dear to me. :)

Stay At Home Farmer Mom said...

You have been missed! I can't wait to hear how the farm is going, especially the milk cow. We are closer and closer to getting ours.


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