Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A New Friend

Isn't she lovely?

I was upstairs putting everyone down for naps when I saw the deer from the landing window. I go the boys back up to watch her. She came in close to the house, so after I got them back in bed, I headed out with the camera. I was amazed at how close I was able to get. Eventually Bella, the Guard Goat, freaked her out. She and I met back up in the grove a few minutes later, but that picture didn't turn out.

It's so nice to have Sweetheart at home. It makes it possible to just dash out for a few minutes!

An opportunity may be coming up for work for him. I am praying it will turn out to be a wonderful thing for him. We've been waiting on the company that bought out the company he worked for to decide to use the product we sell for our personal business for all their customers. They are now exploring options and programming ideas. We'll see what happens...
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BaileyZimmerman said...

Hope the offer comes through....fingers and toes crossed!!
I love deer! One day I looked out into our back garden...and a deer was lying there...taking a moment in the sun and about 5 feet away Jac, our cat, was lying next to her.
This year we had a nest of squirrels in our bedroom wall. Really annoying and noisy. But I've noticed that the two little guys are really brave (stupid). They come right up to our window and knock. I think that they are really pretty tame. They've had a grand time in our dumpster this week...They're gonna miss it!!

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Deer come by the house all of the time and I'm still in awe of them (until they eat my roses or orchard). I will think good thoughts for your family. I enjoy your posts.

Rose said...

How blessed you are to have a deer come up for its on photography session! Hope it works out well for your 'Sweetheart.'

Christine said...

What a wonderful surprise to see out of your window! (and photos to match). I would love to see a deer in the wild someday.. :)

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Now that is a beautiful sight. She is so elegant!


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