Monday, June 13, 2011

Need A Name Farm

A Simple Summer Delight
So excited to sit down for a minute in front of my computer! When we decided to paint the entry, living room and reading room a few weeks ago I moved my computer into my Hoosier in the kitchen. I love it in here because all my music is on it and I can even watch a movie if I'd like while working in the kitchen. I have not, however, had an internet connection in here until today. (Thank you, Sweetheart!)
So the little ones are all upstairs napping or playing quietly and I finished tearing down some fencing I needed to do. I should be cleaning something I'm sure. But I'm not. I'm blogging! Yippee for me!
We've been busy working around here, outside when there is any glimmer of sun and inside when it's pouring. But Sweetheart was able to finish up the electric fence yesterday and so the goats now have a good acre, or so to roam free in. We would still like to trade the goats in on a cow and have put the word out. The fencing is good because it will work for either animal.
He's still working on some options for the chickens. We are in an area with a variety of predators and that greatly influences how we want to manage them. There are the six we were given: Pecksie, Flapsie, Mrs. Goodenough, Amelia, Laura, and Daisy. We would like to order more for meat and some more layers, but not quite yet. It'll come.
Still working on a name for our farm. Due to my great love of Little Women, Sweetheart suggested Orchard House Farm. It works as this entire area was orchards when this house was built in 1920. I've been thinking of Plumfield Farm. It also pays tribute to Little Women and is also fitting as wild plums are growing everywhere. Everywhere. Other possibilities: Wildflower Farm, Lilac Hill Farm, Out of Control Farm, Still Nothing Growing But Weeds Farm and Roaring Goat Farm Ahem. Loved Bonnie's Leap of Faith Farm, too.
Keep those ideas coming!
I shouldn't say nothing is growing. The flowers are. We are at the end of the tulips, but the lilacs and poppies are in full bloom. The poppies are amazing. Note to self: take pictures of flowers. I'm am keeping the house full of flowers. The iris are as tall as the poppies, but not blooming yet. I think everyone else's are blooming, but mine! We seem to be at least two weeks behind everyone else. We are at the top of the road and have a lot of shade which probably accounts for the difference.
The birds here are amazing. I've checked out some books from the library and am trying to figure out what they all are. The little yellow ones are so lovely and sing such a pretty song. The morning doves remind me of hanging laundry out on the line at my grandma's in the summer time. The starlings are annoying. The robins are simply everywhere. The whippoorwills make me smile, especially when they and Sweetheart sing to each other. (He's good.) There are even hummingbirds. I even got to see one just sitting on a branch the other evening.
I had an answer to a little prayer yesterday. Since we've moved here, I've seen traces of deer, but have not seen a single one. On Saturday, I was out in the morning by the pond where I saw they had been there. I'd been just praying and walking around anyway and prayed that I'd get to see a deer. Sunday afternoon I looked out the window and there they were! Three of them walking across the pasture in the middle of the day. They heard me and two of them took off. The other just moseyed on over to the grove, probably to drink from the stream. Such a little thing, but so neat.
Well, as much as I'm enjoying chattering on, I should probably sign off and go do something more productive. Oh! But I did want to mention that I met someone the other morning that I think may turn out to be a friend. She was a former teacher and now works at home with her three kids. She was very sweet and we both enjoyed visiting while she waited for the person she was supposed to be meeting. We exchanged information. I hope we can get together soon. Wouldn't that be fun? She's the former Literature teacher at the high school, so we should have a lot in common.
Well, I'm off to get back to work now.  What are you up to this week?  Go check out what everyone's doing at the Homestead Barn Hop!


Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Sounds like you are enjoying life. That is what it is all about. I'm glad you are back to blogging. I missed your posts. Thanks for sharing.

Mona @ Healthy Homesteading said...

We are trying to come up with a name for our mini farm too. It's not all that easy. I did get some good suggestion so I should be able to pick one soon.
For yours, I like Orchard House or Plumfield the best.

Bonnie said...

Isn't so nice when God blesses us with a little thing? Seeing those deer is such an "I love you and care for everything about you" message from Him!
I love Orchard House and Plumfield, but my two other suggestions are Birdwhistle Farm and This 'N' That farm. I know I had another one floating around, but its escaping me at the moment.
Love all the pictures!

Bonnie said...

P.S. Glad you like Leap of Faith Farm, it sounded quite fitting :^)

Bonnie said...

Uh, hi, me again, I remembered the other name-
Birdcall Farm. Ooh! or Top of the Road Farm I think I just read you are at the top of the road?

I better stop, I've had coffee but no food yet, and that makes me a little (ahem) crazy.
I'm thinking I may call our place Nothing Ventured, to help me overcome my fear of trying and failing at new things, because Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained right? I say right? Sorry Loony Tunes (old cartoon not the new ones) Foghorn Leghorn moment there. Really, I am going....

Raquel said...

I like Plumfield Farm the best!


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