Saturday, April 23, 2011

These Boots are Made for Walking

and anything else!  Seriously love having these boots.  I am free to go anywhere, and I don't have to worry about what it is I'm stepping in.  This has become an important issue here on the farm.  (And they are made in the USA!)

I wore them out on Thursday afternoon as I drove around the valley and took tons of pictures of old barns.  I then went into town on errands.  I returned the For Sale sign to the real estate office and ran into an oldtimer who commented on seeing me out taking pictures.  Small town.

I then went to the grocery and saw the florist whose tea room I was planning to visit after picking up my lemons and onion.  She said she'd be over there in a few minutes.  It also where I buy my eggs until the girls get laying.  Of course, when I went to check out, the same oldtimer was behind me in line.  Small town.
I then popped into the thrift store to give the florist time to get back to her shop.  Didn't see any of the things on my list, so I went to the tea room.
Inside the Tea Room

Yes, I wore my boots to tea.  Small town.
Chandelier and Rusty Galvanized Metal Ceiling

She sat down and we enjoyed our tea together and visited for awhile.  She then let me make some signs for her.  I love that.  She had hung an old window and I wrote on the glass her prices and other information in calligraphy.  She comped my tea and said she likes to barter.   I could get used to this.


Bonnie said...

I think you have found Idealtown USA!
Cute boots!
Haapy Easter!

mountain mama said...

i know right...??

couldn't live without my rainboots :)

sounds like a great day in town!!!!

Vicki in UT said...

Sounds like a really great small town.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

it's a wonder the old timer wasn't in the tea room! lol, you were a very busy bee. love that old chandelier. looks similar to some of ours...have a good weekend!


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