Friday, February 18, 2011

Pictures from this Morning

It is hard to get a picture of the house as the front yard is crazy full of snow and there are giant evergreens blocking it from the road. This picture is from the corner of the property. On this side of the barn is a nice pasture area for livestock. Most of the land is in the back heading towards the hills.

Here's the back side of the barn. We love the simple arrow weather vane on top.

Here is the front side of the barn that faces the house.

Here is the view from the front of the house we could see without all the evergreens. I did crop out the property across the street. There is a reason for the wall-o-trees, but I'd still like to do something different.
Here are my walking buddies, Zeke and Diesel. We don't need to get a dog ourselves as there are plenty around to share.
Car art down the road. The boys liked this picture.
Pretty tree on the walk.
The End.


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Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

OH, that barn is GORGEOUS!!!! You're very blessed!


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