Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Post from Joanne's Husband--Updating thru the Day

Update from the hospital...she is out of surgery. Surgery was a success in that pressure was relieved. Compassionate and amazing doc. His very large concern: too much pressure on brain stem based on signs he saw. If that is the case, worst case is she will not wake up. Best case and the one we are clinging to: she will wake, and eventually function almost normally. Left side still not responsive. Pray on friends.

Update at 11:30


As much as I would dearly love to give you a positive update on Joanne's status unfortunately things have deteriorated. Overnight Joanne began to lose the limited function that she had and she had a seizure. She was taken to CAT scan first thing this morning and it was determined that her brain was experiencing massive swelling. She was immediately taken to surgery to remove a portion of her skull to relieve the pressure.

She is in no pain and completely unaware of what is happening. That is a blessing! We are surrounded by friends and family here at the hospital--I think we have taken over the whole waiting room.

Prayers: I don't even know how to articulate anything here. Joanne is literally in a fight for her life. Just pray however you feel lead.

Again you can get regular updates on twitter at tobenheim



Update from the hospital: Joanne has significant swelling on the brain. The hospital staff and doctors are taking her to surgery within the hour. They will do a bone flap, removing part of her skull to reduce swelling. She is intubated. She is not in pain. We need everyone to pray for God's mighty hand. Thank you for p...rayers and support. We love you all. Toben and family.

This morning-
Hi everyone, we will make sure to read Joanne all your facebooks posts today. I read her the facebook wall posts yesterday and got lots of squeezes. I can't tell you how much the prayers are felt, and I know Joanne feels them as well. Prayer point: she has another procedure this morning to scope the brain artery to check for blood... flow. She is still not awake, but is getting more movement on the right side. Praise God for baby steps!
Toben has written an update here on Joanne's blog and this on Facebook at around midnight:

Toben Heim Just got the smallest of verbal responses. Almost inaudible but definitely there. She is aware of what is going on around her.

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