Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Friends

Yesterday morning my friend, Roisin, hosted a gathering of friends so that I could see everyone before we move. Wasn't that sweet of her? It truly was a lovely time.

The years have not been easy. There have been severe trials that we have clung to one another through and others that we are still in the midst of. We been together through many births, rejoicing in new little lovies. One of these wee ones was born still, one had a stroke in utero, one arrived through adoption, and others born without any troubles at all.
We've walked together supporting one through cancer and will continue to need to support another through her husband's battle with ALS. We prayed and played through times of unemployment, moving, marital difficulties and now the trying times of teenage girls. Some have left the group to return again and others have sadly just withdrawn and started new lives without us, though they are missed.

Some of us are silly, noisy, hypercompetive, can't keep score, never remember what number we are on, or just come for the food and fun and couldn't care less about the game.
But through it all, these women have been my best friends. Some I may only see once a month, others of us gather together regularly. And no matter what, we would do anything for one another.
All I know is that I will miss each one of you terribly and I hope you come visit soon.
PS-There's an opening in the group now. Want to join?

(She got to ditch school for a bit to come say goodbye. Love you Lindsey!)

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