Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hello My Friends

Just wanted to try and post to let everyone know we are doing well. I have tried several times to post, but I am not having much luck with that because of Internet connections and computer troubles. :) I also haven't had anything new to say. We are still just waiting for the next step.

We took a few days off from everything and went to visit family and friends across Colorado and Arizona. It was a good time. I was able to see some wonderful friends I haven't seen in a long time. I even made it to my reunion which was a blast.

I'll be honest that I have been debating what to do with this blog. I have enjoyed it, but find that people's thoughtless comments really aren't necessary to my life. No, I do not personally know the person who left the one in the last post and since she chooses to not allow herself to be contacted directly, I never will.

While I am totally honest on this blog, I do not share everything about me or my life on here. There are plenty of things that remain private-including most of my prayers. God hears them and while they are not always answered as I would wish, or in my personal timing, I know that they are answered. There have been things that have happened through all of this that definitely shown that He is right alongside me. By faith I believe that He is, even when I can't see the next step, or when I have to simply wait on Him.

This has not been an easy time for me and I certainly wish that I had more answers when I have wished for them, but that is not the way life works. At least not mine. I hardly think that means I am wrong or stupid. If you disagree, you are welcome to stop reading here. I also have a direct email link on the sidebar for people wishing to really contact me and have a dialogue about anything I have written. But personal insults just aren't helpful.

I will continue to post as I am able. Thank you for the many sweet comments that have been left. They have been encouraging. I hope to be able to stop by and catch up with you all later in the week.



Cliff said...

Just keep trusting, Kimberly. Our Lord's timing is ALWAYS perfect~though we don't always see it that way! He will supply all of your needs.

Thanks for the update~it has been a pleasure to lift you up in prayer at this time. Hopefully, soon you will have concrete direction.

I learned, as I'm sure you are, that Waiting on the Lord is definitely a verb!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I went back and read that comment (it came later than my comment, I believe).

That's just the kind of comments that made me almost give up blogging. People being very accusing who know nothing about me or my family.

Instead of being judgmental, one should not post at all! I wonder what she would say about my family moving back to our home state with no job, no money, and no place to stay after the first week.

We had so many miracles, Christopher talked about that move for his high school graduation speech.

Sometimes there is a lag between what we have to do (aka: sell the house and move out) and the place God has for us. Our faith muscles get used and stretched... and strengthened!

You are so precious and have so much to offer all of us. We hold you very dear and would miss you desperately.

Jodi said...

Kimberly ~ I'm so glad to hear you are doing well and got to take a much needed get away with your family.

The only security we ever have in life is God. When we live like we truly believe that, we walk by faith. In truth, we're all just hanging by a thread on the high-wire act called life with God alone as our safety net. Sometimes - when we look down and see how far we could fall (without God's intervention and peace and security), it leaves us breathless.

Unfortunately some (or most!) people have misplaced their confidence in the rotten "safety-nets" of money, jobs, houses, doctors and "thinking" they know what their future holds. Now those folks live a scary life because the things they trust in provide no security at all!

You and your sweetheart are trusting in the right One, my friend. He will never fail you.

Will continue to hold you all up in prayer. Enjoy your little men and savor these days of pregnancy.

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, please disregard that nasty comment and know that you are under the wings of the Lord in all you do.
It is not of the Lord to be criticizing what others do and think.
You can rest assured that God is leading you all the way. He never leaves or forsakes His own. -Catherine

Christy said...

I'm sorta a lurker but I too wanted to encourage you. We have taken similar leaps of faith in the past with that same reaction coming from various people. If God has revealed to you "a way" to go, you must move forward in that direction. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Also, do not let 1 comment outweigh all the positive words of encouragement. (I know that's hard, I struggle with it myself) Be encouraged.

Bonnie said...

How nice that you were able to do traveling!
As to nasty comments, I wouldn't even acknowledge them.
The only goal of these people is to upset those they are criticizing, and why give them the satisfaction of posting their ridiculous thoughts.
They want attention, and like any pesky little boys from when you were growing up, ignore them, and hopefully they will go away.

How is baby growing? Can you believe we're already 3rd trimester?

Looking forward to updates, and still praying for a definite Yay or Nay on the sweet little farm.
Joy to you Kimberly!

Francesca said...

I imagine it's upsetting to receive nasty comments, but really they are not worth giving them any thoughts. I would just delete them, and block the commenter if possible.
Hope the next step takes you where you want to be. Hugs.


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