Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Notes on the Week

I just loved this bit of color in the kitchen the other morning. That's my blogging chair amongst other things. There is some green popping up in the garden after last week's sunshine. Weeds are green. :)

Yesterday was a whirlwind with a party last night at a friend's. Fun, but I find it a bit disconcerting to be gone on a Monday. I should have done all my chores this morning, but we ended up surprising my mom and visiting with her for awhile. A much better choice as we haven't seen her a lot lately and she is heading back out of town this week. Of course, this afternoon would have worked for chores, but I slept.

I am looking forward to that 2nd trimester energy kick. It should be starting any time. Now would be good.

Tomorrow and Thursday mornings are filled with appointments meeting with midwives. And Friday will be filled with the plans I had had for Thursday. I am hoping to make a decision this week!!!! The midwife I wanted to use that we had for my last, albeit shortened, pregnancy moved to Idaho. I was just planning on using her until I found out she moved that I am running a bit behind on getting this done. Yikes. I feel fine though.

I don't know what midwives are like in other areas. Maybe it is just our proximity to Planet Boulder, but wow. I just want to have a baby the most natural way possible and have no interest in "finding my inner lioness/goddess", having emotional therapy as part of my prenatals, or doing yoga, or having anything done with my aura.

Well, I am guessing that since I am typing I should probably be doing my chores instead. So good-bye for now! Please feel free to pray as I try to decide on the midwives this week. Thank you!

What have you got going on this week?
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ukkiwi said...


I have just spent the evening with a cup of tea in my favourite cup reading your blog, it took a while to read all the posts but once I started I couldn't stop, thank you for all the inspirational posts, I am a single parent and was looking for tips on making my own products so your blog came up. Nice to see someone else that likes cups of tea and tea cups, lol, I am perhaps not crazy after all.
Thanks for sharing your life and time online with us.
New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! Prayers coming your way, friend. There is lots to do here in SoCal -- now, that the sun is finally out! Here to getting everything done.

Holly said...

Praying for you, friend! And congratulations!! I don't think I knew....maybe I did and forgot.

Love to you!

Bonnie said...

Ug, choosing a new midwife does not sound like fun. I love the mostly midwife practice I am at, though was a little annoyed when I was asked several times if we were tying tubes after this one. Oh well, I realize that 4 children is now considered a big family, and they are probably required to check. Thankfully the issue was not pressed when I told them no.
Praying God sends you the exact right midwife, no matter what you're "aura" is. (why do most home-birth midwives have to be into that creepy stuff anyway? I worked in a very new-agey college town before marrying, and let me tell you, I have NO idea what the appeal to that is. sorry pregnant tangent, I'll take your advice, get off and get to work now!)
Blessings Kimberly!

Davene said...


It was so good to hear from you again, and peek into your corner of the world. I'm so excited for you as your pregnancy is progressing, and I'm praying for health and growth for the baby and perfect peace for your heart!

Have a wonderful week!


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