Friday, February 26, 2010

This Friday

Treasures from last weekend's outing--

Sweetheart's "new" giant teacup. (Notice how small my regular teacup looks.)

A tag with button that reads, "This is a button from the coat my father was married in in 1828. Used by Louisa for a letter stamp. - M.J. Morris"

I also picked up some wonderful vintage buttons, lace trim, and a doily that perfectly matches one I have that was my Great-Grandmother's. We had a wonderful time.

One of the Company Girl's Small Things (click on the button above for more info) was to tidy up our bookshelves. This took some time over a few days as we have six sets of bookshelves in our home. Three are in our Family Room and the other three are scattered around the upstairs' rooms.

We like books. As we do not have a television, we read a lot. Four of the sets of shelves are antique barrister bookcases, one is a simple set my Dad built with his Dad when he was young, and the final set is the low set in this picture my Dad built few years ago.

Speaking of my Dad, he surprised us with a quick visit last night.

I wish he could have stayed longer. He and the boys played and played.

I took a few pictures of some of my favorite vintage books to share with you all.

Sweetheart really likes his tea.


secondofwett said...

Oh, I also love books and have many bookshelves in my house filled with fiction and non-fiction alike. I must admit though that the thot of dusting them all makes me tired just thinking abt it all!

Anonymous said...

I so admire that you don't have a TV. We've gone for periods of time without ours but we always bring it back :(
Love that your dad and grandfather made some of your shelves. What a wonderful thing to have. My dad made the table that we eat at and I love that.

kimberly shaw said...

Love your new giant teacup and all your book shelves. We all love books too (mostly me) and I love it when they are all organized, which they aren't right now. I just got rid of our TV service, it was long over due. so glad it's off!!!


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