Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Longing

Enough! I have decided I need to gather some bits of springtime today and bring them into our home. I know that it is February and while I have really focused these last few years on living in the moment, I still find I need a flower.
So, I will open up some of my beautiful books, and leave them out open to pictures of beauty and spring. The Private World of Tasha Tudor comes to mind. Maybe a few tea books for inspiration as well. A quiet tea time for one today during naps, journaling in my Everything Book searching out some springish pages I know are in there, a search on my hands and knees through the gardens for signs of life, and a flower.
We are low on eggs so I think we will bundle up and head out for eggs and flowers. Maybe a hyacinth? A tulip or daffodil? I know I saw some a few weeks ago at the market. Just a bloom would do so much.
Also on my heart, the season of Lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. It seems early. I must gather up my Lenten devotional and put in it my basket to have ready. Thinking of a laying aside for Lent, praying and pondering what He would have me do. I think it will be a giving up of my time and how I am using it and not a thing this year.
It is not out of legalism, but a desire to grow in faithfulness. I am listening.

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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I am enjoying the yellow roses my husband gave me for Valentine's Day. He rarely gives flowers but I think we both could use their cheerfulness now.

It has been a long, dark, and snowy winter.

Hmmm... good idea. I think I'll peruse some old Victoria magazines today. A friend also gave me a box of Martha Stewart magazines, I can look through them for her garden issues.


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